What is IoT with blockchain?

IoT allows devices to send data to private blockchain ledgers for inclusion in shared transactions with tamper-resistant records. IBM Blockchain enables your business partners to access and supply IoT data without the need for central control and management. Each transaction can be verified to prevent disputes and ensure each partner is held accountable for their individual roles.

Data Bits

1. IoT data

Each transaction is recorded, put into a block, and added to a secure, irreversible data chain


2. Watson IoT Platform

Select data is managed, analyzed, and customized to share among permissioned clients and partners


3. IBM Blockchain Platform

Open, interoperable and built for multicloud. The latest version of the leading Hyperledger Fabric platform is optimized for Red Hat® OpenShift®

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4. Business consumption

IBM Blockchain streamlines processes and creates new business value along your ecosystem

Freight transportation

Moving freight is a complex process involving different parties with different priorities. An IoT-enabled blockchain can store the temperatures, position, arrival times, and status of shipping containers as they move through the system. Indelible blockchain transactions ensure that all parties can trust the data and take action to move the product quickly and efficiently.

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Component tracking and compliance

The ability to track the components that go into an aircraft, automobile, or other vehicles is critical for both safety and regulatory compliance. IoT data stored in shared blockchain ledgers enables all parties to see component provenance throughout the vehicle’s life. Sharing this information with regulatory agencies, shippers, manufacturers and more is secure, easy, and cost effective.

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Log operational maintenance data

IoT devices track the state of safety of critical machines and their maintenance in your organization. From aircraft engines to elevators, blockchain provides for a tamper-free ledger of operational data and the resulting maintenance. Third-party repair partners can monitor the blockchain for preventive maintenance and record their work back on the blockchain. Operational records can also be shared with government entities to verify compliance.

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Products with this capability

IBM Watson IoT Platform

Get a quick start on your next IoT project. Watson IoT Platform™ is a managed, cloud-hosted service designed to make it simple to derive value from your IoT devices.

IBM Blockchain Platform

The next generation of blockchain for business is proven, flexible, and built for your multicloud world

Other capabilities that are trending


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