Developing for Watson IoT Platform?

Organizations can increase revenue by developing solutions for the IoT

Are you ready to transform with IoT?

Advances in sensor, cloud and cognitive technologies are transforming industries and business models. To reap the benefits, businesses must be prepared for IoT integration.

As a business leader, are you prepared for the challenges? Are you ready to transform your business?

How leaders are succeeding with IoT

A secure, smart, scalable platform as the hub of your IoT

Watson IoT Platform gives you the ability to completely manage your IoT landscape and make better, even real-time, business decisions. Take advantage of secure, globally distributed data, analytics and cloud facilities, edge capabilities and a rich ecosystem of suppliers and solution providers. Get Watson IoT Platform for your organization.

Take the right steps to prepare for the Internet of Things

Organizations today are challenged in deploying IoT and getting the most out of their investment.

In order to succeed, businesses need to focus on developing the right tools, services, applications, and integrations with the IoT.

Is your organization ready for IoT and IoT analytics?

Take an online assessment, which can help guide your organization on its IoT journey.

Look across five dimensions that impact readiness, including organizational readiness, big data readiness and analytics maturity.

IoT Readiness Guide

The Readiness Assessment Tool, created by TDWI Research, is an online survey that asks questions that help respondents understand how prepared their organization is to leverage the Internet of Things.

When you complete the online questionnaire, the Assessment Tool immediately provides you with scores that quantify your organization’s IoT readiness. To better understand your scores, you can download the TDWI IoT Readiness Guide.

IBM Watson IoT Platform named a leader in IDC MarketScape Report

Cognitive analytics, innovative technologies and the ability to help transform organizations place Watson ahead of the competition.

With Watson IoT Platform, you can connect, manage and secure IoT

Use Watson's cognitive capabilities in your IoT.

IBM Watson offers Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and image and text analytics to enrich IoT apps.

Use your IoT data to understand current conditions and trends, comprehend unstructured data from videos and images, and mine unstructured textual data for insights.

Connect what matters with Watson IoT Platform

Connect a broad range of IoT devices, gateways and networks to Watson IoT Platform.

Make sense of data to optimize operations, manage assets, rethink products and services, deliver insights quicker and transform the customer experience.

Managing and integrating IoT data

Quickly and easily analyze data, perform rich analytics from diverse sources and gain your own IoT data historian.

Combine IoT data with cognitive computing to extract valuable insights. Improve virtually every aspect of operations and enable innovative, new business models.

Security built in by design

Watson IoT Platform offers built-in security by design.

Manage risk and gather insights across your entire IoT landscape using dashboards and sophisticated alerts.

Use blockchain technology to incorporate IoT data into business transactions.

Client success



KONE is using Watson IoT Platform to connect, remotely monitor and optimize millions of elevators, escalators, doors and turnstiles in buildings worldwide.


With Watson IoT Platform, connected home appliances see a 70% decrease in customer service time and up to 50% reduction in projected service costs.


IoT in the wild. Protecting rhinos in the Welgevonden Game Reserve with IBM Cloud, IoT and analytics.


French Railways operator uses Watson IoT Platform to deliver superior customer experiences, heightened operational efficiency and enhanced rail safety.