Data and intelligence to create a smart factory for Industry 4.0

Data and intelligence to create a smart factory for Industry 4.0

Conventional manufacturing is undergoing a radical transformation. Important driving factors such as ubiquitous, cheap connectivity and instrumentation from machines on the shop floor to the finished product are creating a surge in the amount of data from all sources.

Industry 4.0 applications enabled by the IoT are expected to create a new surge of factory productivity, creating value up to USD 3.7 trillion per year in 2025*

* McKinsey Global Institute “The Internet of Things: Mapping the Value beyond the Hype”

With IBM Watson IoT, you can:

Improve reliability, reduce downtime, enhance quality and optimize production resources

Asset performance management

Create a smart factory with real-time IoT data. Combine IoT with analytics to predict asset degradation or failure when you apply to historical asset performance data, maintenance records, inspection reports and environmental data.

Yield and quality management

IoT data can help manufacturers obtain a detailed and accurate view into production processes and product quality. Generate insights by applying analytics to IoT and production process data.

Aftermarket service enhancement

Aftermarket service enhancement

Use IoT and analytics to detect instances of accelerated wear or replacement to help proactively identify and correct supplier problems, reveal claim trends, streamline recalls and reduce warranty claims and overall costs

Solutions for the factories IoT zone


Improve quality, increase efficiency and optimize performance with the Internet of Things, advanced analytics and cognitive technology

Enterprise asset management

Gain insights from IoT to extend the useful life of equipment and assets. Improve labor utilization, reduce inventory and find the optimum balance between maintenance and operations. 

Product development

Employ continuous engineering principles to deliver smart, connected products and systems so you can innovate in the face of complexity


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