Turn the store back into a competitive advantage with IoT in retail

Turn the store back into a competitive advantage with IoT in retail

The retail store is poised for a comeback with Watson IoT™. Real-time insights from connected stores, combined with cognitive computing and rich data, transform the in-store experience, streamline operations and infuse intelligence into merchandising and supply networks.

Of retailers surveyed, 80% agree that the Internet of Things will drastically change the way companies do business in the next three years*

*Retail Systems Research

With IBM Watson IoT, you can:

Deliver innovative in-store experiences, drive efficiencies and build smarter strategies

Customer experience

Customer experience

Better serve customers by delivering personalized offers, providing guided shopping, automating checkout and applying insights to in-store behavior

Store operations

Store operations

Use real-time data to optimize store layouts, monitor assets and enhance security and loss prevention. Effectively manage store associates, vendors and queues.

Merchandising and supply chain

Merchandising and supply chain

Build flexible, intelligent supply networks and omnichannel merchandising strategies. Enable real-time demand planning and track product quality and safety.

Solutions for the factories IoT zone

Honeywell BuildingSense powered by IBM

Optimize store operations and manage customer experiences with this joint solution from IBM and Honeywell

Facilities management

A complete workplace management solution that combines data from sensors and equipment with powerful analytics to optimize your buildings' operations

Retail consulting services

Differentiate your operations with IoT in retail solutions designed to improve customer engagement and competitive advantage

Learn how leading retailers are helping customers with connected stores

Brick and mortar is back

IBM Watson IoT in retail uses data from the connected store to reveal hidden insights, helping you make real-time, contextually driven decisions, paving the way for innovative customer experiences

IoT in retail: a view from the connected store

IoT data is giving store managers a 360-degree view of retail operations

Client success



Enhances the in-store shopping environment and customer engagement by offering a personalized mobile web tool


Reduces operating costs without compromising on quality with facilities management and predictive maintenance


Enables personalized shopping experiences with facial recognition and IoT sensor technologies



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