Better living through data and cognitive computing

Better living through data and cognitive computing

With expertise across all major industries and thousands of partners, IBM® is your partner of choice for innovative IoT solutions using smart home technology for the connected home.

IBM IoT solutions help you turn data into insight to optimize business processes and improve safety and security while simplifying and improving the lives of residents.

By 2022, 500 smart devices will be present in a typical family home*

* The Future Smart Home: 500 Smart Objects Will Enable New Business Opportunities, Gartner, 2014

With IBM Watson IoT, you can:

Enhance the resident experience, improve operational performance, develop new business models and increase environmental sustainability

Home automation and convenience

Integrate rooms, devices and services in the home while simplifying the life of residents. Whether in the connected, cognitive kitchen, living room or garage, residents can better manage their home and family life with IoT data.

Energy and cost management

Provide residents with greater transparency and the ability to analyze their consumption of energy and other home services or resources. The intelligent home can generate insights and make recommendations to conserve resources and manage costs.

Health and wellness

Connected home sensors, IoT data and alerts can improve the health and wellness of residents. It can also equip caregivers, health providers and concerned family members with the tools and insights they need to monitor and care for residents.

Safety and security

The connected home can use IoT data to detect an adverse event and alert residents, first responders and insurers. Combine capabilities, including video and audio, biometric sensors, and fire and air quality sensors to reduce the risk of accidents and security problems.

Solutions for the home IoT zone


Manage millions of IoT devices easily and securely to gain insights, improve the customer experience and enable new business models

Enterprise asset management

Gain insights from IoT to extend the useful life of equipment and assets. Improve labor utilization, reduce inventory and find the optimum balance between maintenance and operations.

Product development

Employ continuous engineering principles to deliver smart, connected products and systems so you can innovate in the face of complexity

Learn how IoT data can help create an intelligent home

I can put smart home data to work for me

A smart home becomes intelligent by applying cognitive computing to connected home IoT data to uncover insights for enhanced convenience ─ and monitor wellness, security and energy use. An intelligent home can even “learn” about residents to recommend further improvements.

Client success



With Watson IoT Platform, connected home appliances see a 70% decrease in customer service time and up to a 50% reduction in projected service costs

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