The environment and IoT: A connected world. A sustainable planet.

Using cognitive computing, IBM Watson IoT™ can help you make sense of the ocean of raw data produced every minute by the thousands of connected things that make up your business, supply chain and products.

Improve resource efficiency, reduce pollution and stimulate new thinking and innovation.

More than a billion people currently live in water-scarce regions, and as many as

USD 3.5 billion

could experience water scarcity by 2025.*

*Organization of United States World Resource Institution

With IBM Watson IoT, you can:

Increase production, reduce harmful waste and pollution, improve security and protect the environment.

Do more with less

The IoT can help you implement green practices across your entire supply chain, manage buildings and homes more intelligently, reduce water waste using flow sensors and real-time leakage alerts, and improve inventory management and distribution.

Reduce pollution

Optimize processes, reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions and create a more responsive electricity delivery network. The Internet of Things can also enable you to increase fuel efficiency, optimize fleets and reduce traffic congestion.

Improve food security

Improve all aspects of the food supply chain from farm to table. Use IoT sensors, weather data and satellite or drone imagery to inform irrigation and soil management, improve crop yields and meet consumer demand for transparency about where food comes from and how it’s made.

Health and environment

Listen to what the environment is telling you to improve worker health. Use predictive analytics to understand the true costs environmental issues have on your business and analyze the environment to improve worker and workplace safety.

Mitigate weather’s impact

The Internet of Things can help reduce risks and damage resulting from weather events through better prediction and preparedness and help you move from reactive business continuity and disaster recovery to a cognitive, predictive resiliency program.


Solutions for the environment IoT zone

Enterprise asset management

Gain insights from IoT to extend the useful life of equipment and assets. Improve labor utilization, reduce inventory and find the optimum balance between maintenance and operations.

Product development

Employ continuous engineering principles to deliver smart, connected products and systems so you can innovate in the face of complexity.

IBM Research Green Horizons

Analyze environmental data to forecast weather and air pollution.

The Weather Company

Integrate real-time weather insights into business processes to improve performance and decision-making.

Watson Health™

Use cognitive computing and IoT technology to enable a healthier tomorrow.

Learn how IoT helps protect African rhinos

IoT in the wild. Protecting rhinos with IBM Cloud, IoT and analytics.

Client success


E&J Gallo Winery

Revolutionizes irrigation to increase production and improve wine quality using IoT sensors, weather data and NASA satellite imagery.

EZ Farm

Boosts crop yields, improves water management and increases the sustainability of small-scale farms in Kenya.

Green Horizons

Combines climate modeling, IoT data and cognitive computing to help utility companies like SSE in the UK integrate more renewable energy into the grid.



IBM and the environment

IBM presents environmental leadership with commitment and innovation.

How IoT creates environmental and business benefits

The environmental benefits of IBM Watson IoT impact industries including transportation, cities, homes, vehicles, buildings, utilities and factories.