Cognitive buildings with IBM Watson IoT™

Your buildings create an enormous amount of unstructured data. Cognitive computing and intelligent building technology let you use that data to make informed decisions about how to optimize the experience of occupants, staff and management.

Commercial real estate in the US accounts for 12 billion square feet of covered area, but only 67 percent is utilized.*

* IBM Institute for Business Value study, The Economy of Things: Extracting new value from the Internet of Things, June 2015

With IBM Watson IoT™, you can:

Consolidate information, generate recommendations, and manage energy and resource use flexibly.

Design and construction

Combine building information modeling (BIM) with insights from sensor data to intelligently inform building design. Preventive maintenance can help maintain the health, reliability and efficiency of construction equipment. Promote worker health and safety by employing wearable technology, avoid costly change orders and increase speed-to-market with data-driven project management.

Building operations

Streamline planning with improved facilities management and help preserve the health of critical building systems and assets with preventive and predictive maintenance. Improve space utilization and optimization by better understanding how people navigate your building and monitor energy use to take proactive steps that can reduce costs and improve sustainability.

Financial management

Gain a single, centralized management platform for corporate real estate transactions and capital projects. Use real-time sensor data and cognitive computing to make smarter capital project investment decisions. Consolidate financial processes into a single system for a holistic view and help meet new regulatory standards.

Occupant experience

Using the IoT, buildings can “get to know” occupants in order to maximize their comfort, security and convenience. Optimize people movement throughout a building with a better understanding of space utilization; maximize safety and security through smart access control, intruder detection and emergency planning; and manage energy and resource use flexibly.

Solutions for the buildings IoT zone

Facilities management

A complete workplace management solution that combines data from sensors and equipment with powerful analytics to optimize your buildings' operations.

Enterprise asset management

Gain insights from IoT to extend the useful life of equipment and assets. Improve labor utilization, reduce inventory and find the optimum balance between maintenance and operations.


Watson IoT in retail uses data from the connected store to reveal hidden insights, helping you make real time, contextually driven decisions and paving the way for innovative customer experiences.

Learn how smart buildings can help with workplace management

Digital Twin

The ability to create a digital model of a physical object is transforming engineering, manufacturing and operations.

I can create a smart building with unprecedented insight from Watson IoT


Solutions from our ecosystem

Unlock the full potential of the data your buildings are generating by working with IBM IoT partners.  The IBM Internet of Things ecosystem connects you with our portfolio of trusted technology, hardware, software, cloud and implementation partners to help you leverage the power of cognitive IoT to transform your business.

Sample of buildings partners integrated with Watson IoT

Client success



KONE is using Watson IoT Platform to connect, remotely monitor and optimize millions of elevators, escalators, doors and turnstiles in buildings worldwide.

Siemens Building Technologies

Helps corporate real estate owners drive business results and meet energy efficiency goals by using sensor data, analytics and asset management to optimize their buildings portfolio.


ISS is transforming the management of more than 25,000 buildings worldwide by tapping Watson IoT for facilities management to make buildings more personalized, intuitive and user friendly.



Smart buildings are going green

The Internet of Things is helping buildings become more sustainable and energy efficient.

Report: Taming the IoT in buildings

This Verdantix report explores how IBM is evolving facilities management to an IoT approach that uses building data for business benefits.

Embrace IoT in the era of cognitive buildings

For corporate real estate and facilities management, traditional building control systems are moving to the IoT and cognitive platform.