Zones are cross-industry and tell the whole IoT story

IBM Watson IoT™ has the potential to change the world as we know it by combining IoT data with cognitive computing across industries. Explore IoT zones, which are physical environments or settings where different technologies and industries come together to deliver full lifecycle IoT.


IoT data from sensors, devices and equipment in your building can help you unlock new insights for better decision making


Use IoT data to discover insights that can enhance environmental stewardship initiatives, build positive brand awareness and open new avenues for innovation


Conventional manufacturing is undergoing a radical transformation. Connectivity and analytics are creating a new surge of factory productivity.


Gain valuable insights from sensors and devices in homes to optimize business processes, and enhance safety and security to improve the lives of residents


Where can you imagine IoT? Sensors and devices are providing winning strategies for today’s athletes, teams, venue owners and fans.


IoT is empowering retailers with the data they need to improve operational efficiency and customize the shopping experience


Use IoT data from in-car sensors and external sources to gain insights that can transform the industry ─ from development to the driving experience

IBM opens the world’s first IoT collabratory

The new Watson IoT HQ in Munich is helping clients and IBMers push the boundaries of what is possible with IoT

Finance your solution with custom-tailored options

Financing is available to help fund the development of advanced Watson IoT solutions for your organization