What makes a strong test management system?

Advanced quality management solutions (QMS) integrate continuous testing across all stages of the development cycle. With better test planning, tracking, traceability and metrics reporting, you can improve your entire development process, achieve higher efficiency, and meet project timelines without sacrificing quality.

Deliver your product with confidence

Avoid failure and release your products with confidence. Expertly align multiple stakeholders to a comprehensive test management plan shared across you enterprise and the globe.

Deliver your product with confidence

Synchronize your requirements and test management

Use automated traceability to pinpoint test cases impacted by changes to requirements

Products behind this solution

IBM Engineering Test Management

Deploy comprehensive test planning and test asset management from requirements to defects with this collaborative, web-based, quality management solution

IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Next

Capture, analyze, trace and examine relationships between requirements and tests. Optimize communication, collaboration and verification of requirements to remain compliant.

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Client success

Panasonic Automotive collaborates to quickly test and address defects

The leading manufacturer of automotive systems used IBM Engineering software to connect global partners instantly to collaborate, deploy the same tools, share testing across teams, and allowing them to close 200 defects in a 24-hour cycle

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