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What are the best practices for requirements management?

Industry research shows that 47 percent of projects fail due to poor requirements management. Leading enterprises identify end user needs, collaborate across stakeholders, and establish a shared understanding of constraints through the lifecycle, resulting in traceability and visibility of changes to reduce redundancy and ambiguity. 


Requirements management with Watson AI

Enhance engineering requirements management with Watson AI

IBM announces a new feature within its Engineering Requirements Management solution, called Requirements Quality Assistant, which uses Watson AI to improving engineering requirements quality.

Moving to knowledge-driven requirements management

Enable the power of AI and IBM Engineering Requirements Management to handle requirements more efficiently, intelligently and accurately.

Accelerate time to market

Collaborate in real time across design teams with visibility to requirements and critical relationships. Effective requirements management reduces development costs by 57 percent and costs of quality by 69 percent, while accelerating time to market by 20 percent.   

Accelerate time to market

Adopt a strategic approach to outpace your competitors

Past approaches to requirements management may not be sophisticated enough for complex, connected, IoT-enabled products. Leading companies start with a strategic approach to requirements management that will transform their products into functional and connected systems. 

Products behind this solution

IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Next

Deliver the connected products that the marketplace demands with a scalable solution to capture, trace, analyze and manage changes to requirements 

IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Family

Optimize communication and collaboration across development ecosystems and reduce costs for interconnected and intelligent products

IBM Engineering Requirements Quality Assistant

Improve the quality of requirements as you write them with a cloud-based, AI assistant, so you can reduce defects and get to market faster

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Other solutions of interest

Client success

Jaguar Land Rover simplifies global collaboration with requirements management tools

Jaguar Land Rover uses IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management tools to save time while innovating next generation infotainment systems for automobile customers around the world.

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