What is MBSE and how does it impact systems engineering processes?

Designing and engineering today’s smart, hyper-connected products requires a collaborative, agile approach to managing complexity across the product lifecycle. Model-based systems engineering (MBSE) gets your processes IoT-ready. Instead of exchanging documents, engineers create and use sophisticated domain models and simulation.


Transform engineering teams with IoT and AI

In industries such as automotive, aerospace and defense, and electronics, industry leaders are using model-based systems engineering practices and cloud-based solutions to optimize their system design.

Employ advanced modeling to ensure quality with digital twin

Use innovative tools to create digital twins that bridge the gap between physical and digital. Develop a deeper understanding of the impact of design across all systems and throughout the product lifecycle. 

Accelerate delivery with model-based design

Reduce defects through advanced testing, automate documentation for compliance, and speed development by creating portable, reusable components. See how CMC Electronics used model-based design to launch products faster. 

Connect with digital twin advanced analytics

Bring advanced analytics to product design and engineering in the age of the Internet of Things. 89 percent of executives see the innovation potential of the Industrial IoT and many are turning to digital twin to address the increased complexity of systems engineering.   

Connect with digital twin advanced analytics

Products behind this solution

IBM Engineering Systems Design Rhapsody

A proven solution for modeling and design to manage complex product and systems development. Collaborative design, development and testing for standards and compliance. 

IBM Engineering Lifecycle Optimization - Engineering Insights

Visualize, analyze and gain data insights across design, manufacture and operations for informed decisions. Meet compliance with regulatory and industry standards.

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Fagor Industrial accelerates time to market by 30 percent

Rapid prototyping enabled Fagor Industrial to beat the competition and gain first mover advantage. Hardware components were developed 25 percent faster than expected and service issues associated with a new product launch were virtually eliminated.  

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