A smarter way to move

Vehicles are moving data centers, connected inside and out, to traffic, weather, location and travel conditions. Every vehicle and driver has a story. IoT Connected Vehicle Insights unlocks the story with contextual data to improve the quality of your solutions, like tailored insurance coverage, in-vehicle experiences, or fleet operations. 


Discover the four most important IoT strategies for automakers

Sensors and ever-evolving cognitive technology open up new opportunities for today’s OEMs. Learn how four key IoT strategies can help you engage more with consumers, embrace mobility and exploit the digital ecosystem of connected vehicles.

Transform the in-vehicle experience with an AI assistant

IBM Watson Assistant for Connected Vehicles + IoT Connected Vehicle Insights offers an interactive, personalized approach to fleet and driver management. This AI assistant lets drivers stay connected yet hands free, keeping them safer and more compliant with government regulations.

Get real-time optimization for fleet operators

Connected vehicles are real-time decision engines. This feedback gives vehicle operators the key to improve fleet maintenance and fleet performance, like optimized and personalized routes.

Product behind this solution

IBM IoT Connected Vehicle Insights

Improve the in-vehicle experience using the power of cognitive computing for better insurance policy models and fleet operations

Client success

Groupama is disrupting insurance norms

How? By using vehicle connectivity and IoT Connected Vehicles insights to collect, analyze, store and act upon secure data. This IoT-based, connected experience enables Groupama to create new business models and put customers in the driver's seat.

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