Create next-generation connected products

IoT Connection Service enables you to uncover new data-driven insights that can transform your production process, create unique customer experiences, increase operational efficiency and improve environmental stewardship. The IoT platform offers a built-in capability to add selected IoT data to a private blockchain for inclusion in shared, tamper-resistant records.


The Seven Deadly Sins of IoT Strategy and Design

Learn how to avoid the most common strategy and design mistakes when creating new IoT products and services

Enhance product development

Combine electronic connectivity with continuous engineering solutions for enhanced outcomes and to support the development of high-quality electronics. Market new offerings that take advantage of advanced analytics for understanding customer behavior to help open new revenue streams.

Improve your supply chain and asset performance

Integrate device data into your enterprise asset management system to optimize existing assets and create new, enhanced processes to lower costs. Connected assets, equipment and products can lead to better supply chain orchestration and asset performance.

Transform your customer experience with innovative products

Ultimately, the impact of connected products is on your customers. Engage them more fully and generate new streams of revenue by bringing to market innovative connected products – and selling them as a service.

Product behind this solution

IBM IoT Connection Service

IoT Connection Service ingests device data and transforms that data into meaningful insights – which can optimize processes and guide new product design

Client success

Port of Rotterdam docks at digital

The Port of Rotterdam, Europe’s largest port by cargo tonnage, is undergoing a digital transformation using Watson IoT solutions. IBM IoT Connecting Service is utilized to digitize different aspects of port operations, delivering a centralized view of the entire ecosystem.

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