What is an IWMS?

Managing your facilities is challenging. An integrated workplace management system helps you know how much to spend and when, keep up with new standards, stay on top of technologies, meet competitive pressures and satisfy a more digitally savvy workforce.

Improve facility utilization and workplace experience

Booking a room shouldn’t be the hardest part of a meeting. Deliver a better experience for everyone by making the most of your space with facility planning and space reservation.

Optimize lease accounting

New regulations have far-reaching implications for your business. Streamline your practices to comply with new standards, and analyze financial impacts before they happen.

Maximize capital projects

Climb down from a mountain of paperwork and take control of your projects. Centralize tasks, identify what’s at risk, and drive on-time, on-budget outcomes.

Boost operations and maintenance efficiency

Reduce operating costs and better manage preventative and corrective maintenance by understanding energy utilization and the condition of your buildings and assets.

Engage the new workforce

Millennials are now the largest generation in the workforce, and they believe in a whole new definition of a "great place to work.” Find out what this means for your business.

Streamline and automate lease accounting

From the initial data import operation to ongoing audit and compliance reporting, discover processes that can help you manage the complexity of your leases.

Gain control over your projects

Capital projects have many moving pieces: identifying priorities, planning, securing the budget, selecting vendors and managing contracts. How can you handle it all?

Optimize building operations with predictive maintenance

You can’t completely avoid maintenance and repairs, but you can do a better job of getting in front of them — especially if you use the power of data.

Products behind this solution


Improve workflow and automation to drive an effective integrated facilities management strategy. Maximize capital, optimize lease accounting and bring increased value to your organization from a single platform.

See an IWMS in action

Understand what goes on behind the scenes in your buildings and gain visibility into your entire real estate portfolio with an IWMS. Visit the interactive site to see how IBM TRIRIGA helps you drive greater operational efficiency and deliver more engaging workplace experiences.

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