There’s a lot to learn from your buildings

No two buildings are alike, so it can be difficult to apply the same rules across your enterprise’s unique structures. By using AI, Contextual Models, IoT and other sensor data, IBM TRIRIGA Building Insights consolidates, stores, and analyzes your data in real time, seamlessly improving building operations and giving you unique insights. 


Optimize your building’s performance with AI

With the help of AI from IBM, complex operations are simplified to improve building maintenance across the board. Predict energy use, get real-time building vitals, and improve your occupant experience to keep your building in top shape. 

Enable your buildings to reveal and predict patterns

Your buildings have a mind of their own – and AI makes you a mind reader.  AI can monitor behavior and provide near real-time insights and continual learning into energy use, occupancy statistics, and maintenance patterns. 

Enable buildings to learn, reveal and predict patterns

Reduce energy consumption

IBM TRIRIGA Building Insights can learn the behavior of your buildings, quickly identify anomalies in energy consumption and reduce costs

Drive operational efficiency

Up to 76 percent of Chief Operating Officers report that automation has a positive impact on operational efficiency. Learn how a facilities management provider in Denmark built artificial intelligence into its building ecosystems to optimize space and building experience.  

Product behind this solution

IBM TRIRIGA Building Insights

Use AI to deliver insights based on IoT data and building management systems to your enterprise. Analyze the behavior of people and things to identify energy waste and improve operations over time.

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