Core enterprise asset management

Optimize operations with enterprise asset management

Connected devices, analytics, mobility and enterprise asset management (EAM) are changing the way maintenance is conducted

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Asset performance management

Improve equipment operations with asset performance management 

Say goodbye to downtime and get a complete view of asset health and maintenance

APM for Energy and Utilities

Shed light on your asset performance with energy insights

See how advanced analytics and AI can spark better performance and zap downtime

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Production optimization

Get the full scope of factory floor insights for enhanced production optimization

Unlock data generated from factory equipment to maximize industrial operations

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Production quality insights

Improve production quality by finding even the smallest defects faster and more accurately 

Reduce dependency on manual inspections, identify quality defects sooner, and respond in real time 

Worker safety insights

Gain real-time insights into workplace safety

Avoid costly, devastating workplace accidents with IoT and analytics

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