Protect returning worker health and safety

As businesses reopen, they must create an environment for healthy human interactions and sustainable workplace operations. Technology is required to gain insights into employee health and work environments. With Maximo® Worker Insights, you can gain near real-time access to workplace and employee data from cameras, Bluetooth beacons and mobile phones. This allows you to conduct temperature monitoring, manage occupancy and no-go zones, and facilitate employee social distancing and contact tracing — all while ensuring employee privacy.

Worker carrying a mask with a laptop bag

Use IoT data and prebuilt analytics for monitoring and contact tracing

Generate insights gathered from thermal imaging or infrared cameras, Bluetooth beacons and mobile phones to help conduct body temperature monitoring, health monitoring and workplace contact tracing.

Cameras being used to monitor a worker moving boxes in a warehouse.

See occupancy and workplace use in real time and respond to safety concerns

As we return to the workplace, quickly responding to safety concerns is more critical than ever. By monitoring and managing occupancy, not only can you see when people are too close in proximity to one another, you can also use the data gathered to visualize and design different traffic flow patterns to maximize social distancing.

Woman wearing a mask using a phone at work.

Align with safety policies and regulations while ensuring employee privacy

Help workers stay informed, and help supervisors use predictive information and insights to address issues before they become problems. By monitoring crowd density and no-go zones, you and your employees will be alerted when a policy has been breached.

Woman wearing a helmet and mask getting sensor data insights from a tablet in a warehouse.

Use digital to inform physical hazard protection

You can clear plant floors, install mirrors at corners, and maintain equipment. But workers get tired, distracted and have accidents. Wearable sensors provide data that can help you monitor behavior, track vital signs and deliver more predictive protection.

Employees at a warehouse shelving boxes while following social distancing guidelines.

Build personalized safety programs for your workplace

Use prebuilt “safety shields” (or customize your own) that apply aggregate data results against your conditions to detect hazards. Designed around typical use cases, these use cases provide intelligent insights about accident prevention for both employees and the general public.

Man wearing personal protective equipment while working on a tire.

Products behind this solution

IBM Maximo

Essential insights for intelligent asset maintenance and operation

IBM Maximo Worker Insights

Powerful cloud-based solution that improves workplace safety and prevents accidents, using IoT technology and advanced analytics for predictive prevention and faster time to value

IBM Visual Insights

Train highly accurate models to classify images and detect objects in images and videos without deep learning expertise


Insightful solutions for intelligent real estate and facilities management

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Client success

Mitsufuji Corporation gains real-time worker safety insights

Mitsufuji transformed their business by using IBM Maximo Worker Insights to build a solution that captures, analyzes and tracks users’ heart rate, location and other critical health data in real time by using a range of innovative wearable products.

Mitsufuji innovative wearables design studio interior