Maximize production throughput by mining AI for insights

When factories and equipment are instrumented through the IoT, available data surges. The use of AI drives down equipment and process-related losses. Operators can predict potential productivity constraints and prescribe remedies that mitigate risk. The result? Fewer disruptions, less waste, and higher throughput. Win, win, win.


L'Oreal and IBM: An Industry 4.0 makeover

L'Oreal and IBM: An Industry 4.0 makeover

One billion consumers turn to L’Oreal for their beauty and cosmetics needs. For their own Industry 4.0 makeover, L’Oreal chose IBM and the IoT Platform to take the right actions at the right time

Optimize yield and energy usage

Predict performance variations using plant data. Use AI to analyze sources of waste and inefficiencies while prescribing remedies that optimize throughput, yield, and energy usage. With all the information at your disposal, making the right call is easy.

Optimize energy usage and yield

Improve overall equipment effectiveness

Gain visibility into factors contributing to lost productivity and impact overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Monitor equipment availability, performance, and quality to predict loss and recommend action. Reduce overtime, scrap and maintenance.

Products behind this solution

IBM Maximo Production Optimization

Elevate plant performance with AI to predict production losses and identify actions to optimize throughput, cost and quality.

Client success

Honda R&D extracts new value from IoT data

See how Honda R&D uses Watson IoT™ tools in real-world operations to unlock the hidden insights buried in huge amounts of data. Learn how Honda’s understanding of driver behavior, vehicle sensors and other sources of data reduces costs, improves operations and adds new value in creating a more personalized driving experience.

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