Client success with Maximo


The São Paulo State Transport Agency (ARTESP) used Maximo® to proactively manage a vast road network — keeping traffic flowing and drivers safe.


Uses Maximo to transform the management of complex assets with better insights and control of maintenance activity.

DC Water

See how Maximo helped DC Water save over $1,000,000 by making smarter asst deployment decisions — all while driving better outcomes for their customers.

Drax Power Station

England-based Drax Power Stations leveraged IBM Maximo to improve visibility into assets and forecast requirements. The result was £5,000,000 in operations cost savings.


Turns to IBM to build a business case for linking BIM and asset management data to reduce CAPEX and OPEX at Heathrow Airport.


Fingrid is building a centralized asset management and big data analytics platform that will enable predictive maintenance, save costs and boost reliability.

Honda R&D

Honda R&D is training its engineers to use IBM Predictive Maintenance and Quality to understand driver behavior, increase reliability and design a more personalized driving experience.

NHS Highland

Keeping healthcare facilities running smoothly is tough, especially in remote, hard-to-reach locales. With IBM Maximo and mobile, NHS does it and improves productivity 10 percent.

Oil Spill Response Limited

IBM Maximo helped deliver rapid and efficient monitoring and maintenance of both subsea and surface equipment to reduce the impact of oil spills worldwide.

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

 IBM Maximo helped consolidate 10 systems to keep millions of dollars in lab equipment functioning at its best.

Schiphol Airport

In its quest to become the most innovative airport in the world, Schiphol uses Maximo Anywhere and "digital twins" based on Building Information Models (BIM).


Sodexo brings 24,000 buildings and 1.2 million assets to the cloud with IBM® Maximo® SaaS. The result a 20 percent reduction in total cost of ownership.

South East Water

Uses IBM Maximo to mobilize their workforce to maintain over 140,000 kilometers of water mains, driving 99 percent faster access to maintenance and repair reports.

Taiwan High-Speed Rail

Is building a better, more intelligent transportation system to meet the growing demand for safe, high-speed travel.

University of California San Francisco

Building a new healthcare facility using a "digital twin" saves the university time and cost and streamlines ongoing operations.

Vision Care

Learn how a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson uses IBM Maximo to reduce costs, drive continuous improvements, and share best practices.

More success stories


Michelin has 70 factories worldwide and produces 176 million tires each year. To keep their plants running, they employ maintenance teams for reactive maintenance 24/7 and have support teams during the work week for preventive maintenance. The company is using Maximo as part of their intelligent solutions to connect plants, and provide guidance and support to help their maintenance teams do their jobs more safely, correctly and faster.

Man in warehouse using device

Consolidated Contractors

Consolidated Contractors is one of the top 20 largest contracting firms in the world with 16,500 equipment assets in more than 40 countries. The company needed up-to-date information about their asset health, location and downtime to improve decision making across all sites. With Maximo and data from the Internet of Things, they are able to increase operational visibility, reduce maintenance costs, reduce downtime and extend asset life.

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Yarra Valley Water

Yarra Valley Water is one of the three water retailers in Australia providing water and sewage services to approximately 1.8 million customers. The company had a myriad of disparate asset management systems in place and was looking for a complete asset management solution that could provide the foundation needed for growth. With Maximo, they have a single system that helps manage hazards and other incidents in the field, and inform asset renewal planning and execution.

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City of Nairobi

Nairobi, Kenya is among the world’s fastest growing economies, but rapid growth has brought challenges, especially related to their traffic infrastructure. In addition to traffic jams and poor road conditions, their traffic infrastructure was also hindering public services. Working with IBM, Nairobi leveraged mobile phone data and IBM IoT analytics to help city fleet operators monitor road conditions, asset location, altitude and speed in real time to ease traffic congestion, improve services and save over $600,000 per day.

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Unlock the value of cloud for asset management

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