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Attend the Maximo Academy at the IoT Exchange conference and unlock new value from data with AI. Gain insights, drive asset performance management and optimize operational efficiency.

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What is APM?

Asset Performance Management (APM) extends your Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems using powerful AI data and analytics. Minimize unplanned repair work, increase asset availability, lower costs, and reduce the risk of equipment failure with reliability-centered maintenance.


It's time to learn from your equipment

Predictive maintenance analytics provides intelligence to anticipate asset failure before it occurs. Move your production from preventative maintenance to predictive maintenance to reduce costly and unnecessary repairs to keep your plant running at optimum efficiency around the clock.

Optimize your energy and utility assets

Take a 360-degree view of interconnected energy and utility assets. Apply IoT, AI and analytics for a comprehensive look at asset health, predictive maintenance and repair management to make more informed decisions.

Optimize asset health

Transform your approach by optimizing maintenance and replacement actions based on the current health of your assets. Monitor factors such as condition, cost, performance, and the remaining useful life of your assets to define asset health and prioritize areas of focus.

Predict asset failure

Get a crystal ball for your asset health. Use historical and real-time asset performance data, maintenance records, inspection reports, and environmental data to correlate performance factors that predict asset degradation or failure.

Predict asset failure

Understand your equipment's needs

Improve first-time fix rate and reduce mean time to repair by making every maintenance technician your best technician. Provide specific repair recommendations for even the most complex equipment to achieve Maintenance 4.0.

Understand your equipment's needs

Improve asset strategy and understand risks

Increase focus on your critical assets. Provide better management of inspections, maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) inventories, and help prioritize replacement versus repair decisions.

Products behind this solution

IBM Maximo APM - Asset Health Insights

Tightly integrates with IBM Maximo® to determine the health of your assets using IoT, external and historical data and asset models. Accelerate your journey toward condition-based maintenance.

IBM Maximo APM - Predictive Maintenance Insights

Avoid the pitfalls of costly and unnecessary preventative maintenance. Use data and advanced analytics to predict when critical equipment might fail so you can take the appropriate action.

IBM Maximo APM - Equipment Maintenance Assistant

Bring deep, powerful insights to better diagnose failures and make repair recommendations for first-time fixes that last.

Client success

Sandvik goes deep with IoT

Sandvik partnered with Watson IoT™ to provide smarter, safer and more efficient operations for their customers. Equipment and application data from disparate resources is automatically analyzed to improve performance and productivity – even thousands of feet below the surface.

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