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Watson IoT: Continuous Engineering Summit 2017
November 15-17, New Orleans, Louisiana

Are you an IoT architect, developer, tester, systems engineer or manager? If so, you won’t want to miss the 2017 IBM Watson IoT Summit in New Orleans. Learn the latest technologies, trends, tips and techniques from industry leaders, and meet with IBM Business Partners and engineering associations. Learn how to develop a comprehensive, connected product or service with continuous engineering and Digital Twins. Upgrade your skills, network with colleagues and experts, and find out how the Internet of Things can help your organization achieve a new level of success.

Keywords: Continuous engineering, The Internet of Things (IoT), Digital twin, cognitive analytics, Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), Requirements Management, Quality management, Collaboration and configuration management, DevOps

Unlock the value of cloud

Challenges surrounding asset management include reducing downtime, unifying systems across the enterprise, planning inventory, managing vendor relations and improving operations—all while cutting costs and improving the client experience. How can you reduce the complexity and cost of maintaining assets while increasing efficiency? Learn how businesses of all sizes are improving EAM with IBM Maximo SaaS.

Keywords: SaaS, Asset Management, EAM, Maximo SaaS

Introducing an IoT-based asset health scoring tool

Want a better picture of asset health to help predict and prevent equipment failure? When you combine asset management with IoT and analytics, you can minimize unscheduled downtime, avoid costly equipment issues with predictive maintenance and derive actionable insights from your data with IBM® Maximo® Asset Health Insights.

Keywords: Asset Management, Maximo Asset Health Insights, MAHI, predictive maintenance, preventive maintenance

ERP & EAM: Understanding the real risk for asset-intensive companies

The myth that a single ERP solution is enough to operate and maintain enterprise assets is about to be debunked. Discover the value and capabilities of enterprise asset management solutions and find out why combining your ERP with a flexible EAM solution adds more value and reduces risk.

Keywords: Asset Management, Enterprise Asset Management, EAM, Maximo

Requirements management: DOORS on the International Space Station

Learn how Barrios Technology, a prime contractor for NASA’s International Space Station, relies on IBM Rational® DOORS® Next Generation for more efficient requirements management. Barrios works with DOORS to help manage thousands of requirements, improve the document updates process and assist users in obtaining the data they need.

Keywords: IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation, requirements management, NASA, DOORS NG, product development

A new relationship: People and cars

Learn what the automotive industry can do to take advantage of the latest technological changes that transform the relationship between people and their vehicles. Hear insights on how IBM automotive clients are addressing the product development challenges for connected cars. Join this webinar on findings in a recently released report conducted by the IBM Institute for Business Value.

Keywords: IoT for Automotive, product development, Connected cars

How IoT will change manufacturing operations

The next big trend in manufacturing will be all about cognitive manufacturing or the advent of cyber-physical sensors, cognitive computing, robotics and more. Attend this webinar to learn how you can utilize IoT and cognitive insight to optimize resources, improve operations, and achieve better visibility and predictability with connected manufacturing for Industry 4.0.

Keywords: IoT for Manufacturing, cognitive manufacturing, robotics, Industry 4.0, connected manufacturing

Advancing maintenance with predictive capabilities

Go beyond improving asset reliability when it comes to preventive maintenance. New analytics-driven approaches can offer many other benefits, such as increased productivity and decreased maintenance costs. Attend the webinar to discover these approaches. Learn about IBM’s cognitive manufacturing solutions and how connected manufacturing technology can help improve your maintenance practices.

Keywords: IoT for Manufacturing, cognitive manufacturing, robotics, Industry 4.0, connected manufacturing

Where's my asset?

Learn how Watson IoT Platform and Skyhook solutions can help you optimize routes, track asset condition, reduce theft and loss, and enhance customer loyalty and engagement through better asset tracking using IoT data.

Keywords: Watson IoT Platform, IoT, Skyhook, Asset management

Securing your IoT implementations

Operational and information technology security is critical for IoT due to the scale, operating conditions, capabilities and range of devices used in industrial, consumer and business environments. Find out how the IBM Watson IoT Platform helps secure IoT development from design to deployment.

Keywords: blockchain

Continuous Engineering & Collaborative Lifecycle Management on Cloud Webinar

In this on-demand session, learn what is driving customers to a SaaS model, and explore IBM’s Bridge to Cloud program.

Keywords: Aras, PLM, product lifecycle management

Intel and IBM Smart Home Webinar series

Smarter homes not only help their owners, they can create smarter communities. Intel and IBM have partnered to produce the following three webinars, available on demand: Smart Home basics, Smart Home Data Analytics and an Introduction to IoT Security. These webinars provide fundamentals to help you learn how IoT technology and sensor data can provide improved levels of convenience and comfort as well as an environmentally-friendly community.

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