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Connect to the Watson IoT Platform on IBM® Bluemix® with ease, then set up and manage your IoT devices and data to start creating your own applications, visualization dashboards and mobile IoT apps.

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Build your IoT framework quickly and securely

Find the tools and services you need to create your IoT applications including cognitive APIs, Weather Company Data, blockchain and more.

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Extend with Watson Cognitive APIs

Connect Watson APIs to your IoT solution to leverage cognitive analytics with both structured and unstructured data.

Create a better experience with a natural voice interface or image recognition.

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Extend with Weather Company Data

Weather Company Data, available through the Bluemix catalog, makes your devices aware of local weather.

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Leverage the IBM Blockchain

IoT devices can send data to the IBM Blockchain, which incorporates the data into a business transaction and then stores the record in a shared indelible ledger.

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Learn about the Hyperledger project

Try the Watson IoT Platform experimental features

We are regularly developing and trying out new features and functionality for IoT developers. Check back often to see the latest enhancements.

Advanced IoT security beta

Add visibility to possible exposures across the IoT landscape and obtain alerts and automatic operational responses.

Node-RED nodes

Speed IoT development with new nodes, device simulators and a sample application.

Edge Analytics SDK

Dramatically speed response times by processing and analyzing IoT data at the edge of the network instead of at a central location.

Watson IoT Lite plan is available at no charge. See all plans and pricing details.

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