Partner role: BUILD

Type: Silicon and sensor, gateway

IBM® and Texas Instruments (TI) are revolutionizing how developers and designers approach the Internet of Things (IoT). Combining innovative hardware, software, support and decades of experience, we help you go from prototype to production quickly.

Innovate with TI and IBM

TI’s broad development kit portfolio makes it easier to design systems for a range of IoT solutions, supporting a variety of connectivity standards and varying performance and power consumption levels to match your systems’ needs. Take advantage of our modular hardware ecosystem, which enables you to expand your design and rapidly assemble a real-world prototype of your IoT application.

Go from sensors to the cloud

TI offers the building blocks to bring your next IoT concept to reality. Combining areas of expertise, TI and IBM provide an unmatched portfolio of hardware and software, extensive support, tools and training for every phase of development. Other design resources are also available to make your development process easier to speed time to market.


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