Despite widespread proliferation of sensors, the majority of industrial data collected is never analyzed. Many existing IoT platform solutions are prohibitively slow, expensive and inefficient—making analyzing the rest extremely difficult. Until now.

Welcome to the edge of what’s possible in IoT

Jim Green, CTO, Data and Analytics Business Group, Cisco Systems and Chris O'Connor, GM, Internet of Things Offerings, IBM discuss a first-of-its-kind technology collaboration.

To maintain a competitive and operational advantage, businesses need to analyze IoT data as soon as it’s available — no matter where it’s created — to gain insights that can be put into action. This can be challenging for companies with remote operations in environments with intermittent connectivity. In these situations, agility is impaired if the information needs to be sent to a data center, or even the cloud, for analysis.

To address this challenge, IBM and Cisco are teaming up to combine the business analytics and cognitive capabilities of the IBM Watson IoT™ Platform and Cisco’s expertise in hyper-distributed IoT networks and edge and fog analytics. This enables immediate analytics at the edge of the network while also collecting high-value information for longer-term analysis in the cloud.

Enhancing the network to enable the edge

Through the work of two trusted brands, a differentiated solution tames the complexity of distributed environments, addressing low latency requirements and reducing network traffic and costs without compromising the quality of analytics.

With this approach, the analytics are performed closer to the point of collection, resulting in better insights, reduced costs and increased control over your own data -‐ delivering a first of its kind joint solution.

Client success

Port of Cartagena

The Port of Cartagena relies on IBM and Cisco for IoT analytics at the edge.

Use cases

Remote management

Analytics at the edge alleviates your dependence on network connectivity.

Remote management

If you manage geographically distributed equipment and infrastructure, monitoring performance — regardless of location — is vital. Analytics at the edge alleviate your dependence on network connectivity to reduce costs, boost productivity and extend the lifetime of your equipment.

Autonomous operations

Analytics at the edge enables you to tap near-real-time data ─ at the point of collection ─ for valuable insights. Without sending everything to the cloud.

Autonomous operations

If your equipment has to run around the clock with no human interaction, performance insights are critical. When milliseconds matter, you don’t have time to send information to the cloud for analysis. Analytics at the edge enable you to tap near-real-time data — at the point of collection — for valuable insights.

Daimler Moovel success story in iot

Fleet management

Analytics at the edge can help you make smarter decisions about your geographically dispersed assets.

Fleet management

If you have large fleets of assets, machines or vehicles, you know that they create a high volume of data. But they are often located in, or passing through, areas without network connectivity. Analytics at the edge can analyze data at the point of collection and send less time-critical data to the cloud.

Watson IoT Platform: what can we help you build today?

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