Partner role: TRANSFORM

Type: System integrator

IBM and HCL are working together to transform operations with integrated IoT systems and solutions designed to solve the data capture, transmission, analysis and integration challenges companies are facing in today’s connected world.

IBM and HCL: Better together

The strength of this collaboration is built on HCL Technologies’ rich heritage in engineering R&D services, global systems integration expertise and infrastructure services, along with IBM’s proven enterprise asset management, cloud, analytics and IoT technologies. Through our joint efforts, IBM and HCL will enable seamless integration of device, connectivity, data platform and analytics for organizations across the world to address some of the most complex enterprise and industrial IoT challenges.

Accelerating IoT adoption

Drawing on the talent of their more than 600 IoT practitioners and over 50 IBM® Bluemix® practitioners, HCL will use Bluemix and the IBM Cloud platform to build IoT applications and solutions. The IoT solutions will leverage HCL's IoT design capabilities with IBM Watson™ IoT Platform to enable the collection and exchange of data from a network of physical objects embedded with electronics, software, sensors and connectivity.

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IoT technology, business results

HCL’s approach to IoT is aligned to core areas of the asset value chain to support the unique needs of connected users, connected products, connected infrastructures and connected operations. IBM and HCL are also setting up an Incubation Center at Noida, India to jointly develop IoT solutions for key verticals.

The HCL approach to IT

Find out how the emergence of an IoT ecosystem has given rise to a value chain of connected things, data, processes and people.

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Forget connected fridges

It’s time to get serious about the IoT.

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