Make sense of data to optimize operations, manage assets, rethink products and services, and transform the customer experience.

Make the IBM Watson IoT™ Platform the hub of your IoT projects. Deploy a cloud-hosted framework on IBM Bluemix®.

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Create your IoT solution using the Watson IoT Platform

Automatically link spoken words to the user’s meaning and intent, and correlate with other sources of data to put interactions into context of specific solutions.


Automate data processing and rank data based on learned priorities. Machine Learning can be applied to IoT data to automatically understand current conditions and expected trends, and then suggest actions when issues arise.


Monitor unstructured data from video feeds and image snapshots to identify scenes and patterns in video data. Apps can combine this data with machine data to gain a greater understanding of past events and emerging situations.


Mine unstructured textual data, including transcripts from call centers, technician maintenance logs and blog comments to find correlations and patterns in the vast amounts of data from these sources.


IBM Watson® natural language processing


Watson Machine Learning


Watson image and video analytics


Watson text analytics


IBM Watson IoT Platform Connect

Easily connect devices from chips to intelligent appliances to your applications and industry solutions.

Perform device management functions, scale through cloud-based services, and then use rich analytics to gain insights and achieve organizational transformation.

Information management and external data integration

Identify, aggregate and transform data from your IoT sources into asset-based data structures that can be quickly and easily analyzed.

Ingest data from other diverse data sources and platforms. Use it to augment your device data and perform additional, rich analytics.

Exploit a variety of cloud-based storage services as your IoT data historian.

IBM Weather Company data

Weather has a dramatic effect on business. Integrate historical and real-time data into your IoT solution and use clear, precise, spatially relevant insights to get proactive about weather.

Risk and security management

Get peace of mind when you use the Watson IoT Platform, which has security built in by design.

Manage risk and gather insights across your entire IoT landscape using dashboards and sophisticated alerts. Act on notifications and isolate incidents from a single console. Businesses need to protect and secure their entire IoT environment.

Private IoT blockchain

Blockchain incorporates IoT data into a business transaction and stores the record in a shared indelible ledger. This permanently stored record of transactions is available to all participants in the transaction chain.

Secure and irrefutable replication of data between parties enablesopen, transactional applications that streamline business processes.The Watson IoT Platform has a built-in capability that lets you add selected IoT data to a private blockchain.

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