IBM IoT Exchange 2019 inspires attendees with the latest AI, security and blockchain innovations

Following a successful event in Orlando, the IoT Exchange conference takes to the road in Europe, offering local events in London, Paris and Berlin. Join us to learn how industry-tested solutions from IBM® and our partners have solved today's most critical IoT challenges.

Maximo Academy

Maximo Academy

Enterprise asset management and operations.

Today’s enterprise assets are connected in a complex ecosystem, pulling in reams of interconnected data. In this academy, you’ll learn how to increase the operational efficiency of the assets you manage and improve overall equipment effectiveness by using their IoT data and the power of AI.

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Maximo Academy


A comprehensive curriculum delving into enterprise asset management, asset performance management, AI for production optimization and Industry 4.0 practices.

Get started with asset optimization

Harness the hidden potential in your assets, operations and people with IBM Maximo solutions. Learn how to unleash your data, improve the operational efficiency of your physical assets and reduce costs using IoT data and AI. Sessions will be focused on highlighting new capabilities, providing pragmatic on-ramps, best practices, and showcasing client successes.

Expand your core capabilities

Turn the crank on your asset management strategy with new capabilities around mobility, scheduling, blockchain, augmented reality, asset performance management and more. Learn about patterns and best practices, receive guidance and review case studies that lead to more successful deployments of IBM Maximo solutions.

Client transformations

Supercharge your industry eminence with case studies from industry-leading organizations. Find out how clients turned data, IoT and AI into competitive advantage and revenue generation.

Maintenance 4.0

Ready to turn your operations into a finely tuned (and automated) machine? Join these sessions to learn about the evolution occurring in asset management with asset performance management. You’ll learn how to apply next-generation analytical and AI conversational capabilities to planning, analyzing and maintaining assets.

Industry 4.0

Are you standing at the “edge” of Industry 4.0 wondering what your next step should be? Join these sessions and find out how AI capabilities are enabling industrial transformation — to maximize production output and improve quality.

Future roadmap

Are you wondering how to move forward in 2019 and beyond? Join these sessions and find out about new capabilities and enhancements across the Maximo portfolio. Learn about innovations that will make AI, IoT, blockchain, augmented reality and more part of your planning arsenal.



Real estate and facilities management.

With the growth of smart buildings, facilities managers have to worry about more than roofs and boilers. In this academy, you’ll learn how to reduce facility operational costs and create more engaging occupant experiences through the practical application of IoT data and AI.



A comprehensive curriculum that brings the best elements of TRIRIGA University and TRIMax into an all-new experience to deliver the latest in facilities management optimization, lease accounting and compliance, workplace experience and building innovation.

Implementation, configuration and upgrades

Interested in implementing TRIRIGA, configuring and integrating with key client systems and processes? In this technical session, you’ll hear from clients and partners about the best ways to introduce and extend TRIRIGA into your enterprise environment and how to integrate with key client systems as well as migrate to cloud.

Best practices and operational excellence

Hear IBM clients describe how they derive value from their solution investment. These business-focused sessions will explore how TRIRIGA and Building Insights solutions can help deliver operational excellence.

Workplace experience and digital transformation

Expectations about the workplace are changing. This business and technical track is all about understanding and meeting those expectations and using technology to develop and deliver engaging employee and occupant experiences. Learn how to improve well-being, boost productivity — and your bottom line.

Products and technology

In this session, you will do a deep dive with technical experts and product teams on the latest capabilities, technical best practices and plans for future enhancements and solutions.

Engineering Academy

Engineering Academy

Software and systems engineering.

Engineers, quality and product managers will learn how the latest AI technologies and agile techniques within the product lifecycle management are being applied to transform the end-to-end engineering lifecycle. Combining the best elements from the recent Agile Engineering Summit and Continuous Engineering Summit, we will also host VoiCE 2019, an exclusive event that gives clients the opportunity to interact with offering and product managers, technical development leads and other clients from across the IBM IoT Continuous Engineering community.

Engineering Academy


This academy explores requirements origination and management, Agile techniques for collaboration and product development, and digital twins.

Agile development

Learn how adapting agile engineering practices can streamline your projects. Increase collaboration, team work, team engagement and communication so that everyone is informed as needed in the product development lifecycle.
Engineering Workflow Management (RTC), Lifecycle optimization (CLM, RMC)

Deployment and SaaS

Patterns, guidance, best practices, and customer case studies of successful deployments of IoT Engineering Lifecycle Management Solutions: on-premises, on cloud, using SaaS or a hybrid combination
Deployment, SaaS

Quality and test management

Testing early and often helps find issues quickly while they are still inexpensive to correct and not affect the schedule. Linking testing to requirements provides a closed-loop to insure you deliver what you promised.
Engineering Test Management (RQM)

Model-based systems engineering

Supercharge your product and software development with IBM model-based systems engineering. Better describe what is being built so that you can test the design, find issues and work out bugs early to accelerate the entire development process
Engineering Systems Design Rhapsody, Engineering Insights (Rhapsody, RMM)

Requirements management

Learn how IBM’s requirements management products and AI can improve your requirements process to enhance product definition, speed development and reduce rework.
Engineering Requirements Management DOORS, Engineering Requirements Management, Requirements Quality Assistant (DOORS, DNG)

AI and lifecycle optimization

Are you wondering how to plan on moving forward in 2019? Find out about new capabilities and enhancements across the Engineering Lifecycle Management portfolio, and new innovations that will help optimize your engineering and development efforts., Engineering Lifecycle Management Base & Extended, Requirements Quality Assistant, CVI


As products become smarter and more interconnected, there are growing requirements for them to meet regulatory and industry compliance standards. Learn how IBM tools can help your organization meet these standards more easily.
Publishing Engine, Method Composer, ASPICE

IoT Platform Academy

IoT Platform Academy

Connecting devices and obtaining insights.

No matter what industry you’re in, you’ll discover how successful IoT outcomes start with a proven, secure platform – one that allows you to start small, scale quickly, and minimize cost and complexity – to set the stage for long-term change. In this academy, you’ll learn how to connect, collect and curate data from physical assets to gain the insights you need to run your business more efficiently.

IoT Platform Academy


Advance your digital transformation with IoT, from device connectivity to data lifecycle management to access control.

What you can do with IoT

Get started on your IoT journey, or to expand on your current program. You’ll hear about IoT Platform product strategy, current and future offerings, and see live demonstrations of our latest offerings.

What others are doing with IoT

Learn how IBM customers and partners across multiple industries are adding value to their businesses using the Watson IoT Platform. Be inspired by their unique perspectives on how the IoT Platform has empowered their success and competitive differentiation.

Get hands-on with IoT

Get hands-on learning to experience the IoT Platform for yourself. Work with our experts to dig deeper into the technology. You’ll get a look at its add-on services, like analytics and blockchain, and the recently relaunched Message Gateway offering, for enhanced on-premises connectivity.

Sponsorship opportunities

Extend your brand to a focused audience of business executives, technology leaders and senior practitioners.