With Watson IoT, you can

  • Gain a whole new level of visibility across your extended supply chain.
  • Optimize performance, empower employees and lower costs.
  • Monitor assets and equipment to enable predictive maintenance.
  • Increase throughput and optimize resource use.
  • Run more energy- and cost-efficient facilities.

  • Offer products and services that continuously adapt to the connected customer.
  • Gain valuable insights throughout the product lifecycle that inform product development.
  • Achieve a new level of customer engagement to boost loyalty, drive revenue and create differentiation.
  • Speed development and accelerate time to market.

  • Find new ways to monetize value through asset-based online marketplaces.
  • Garner new revenue from existing products and services.
  • Partner in new ways across industries.
  • Disrupt competitors by seizing new IoT opportunities first.

  • Work smarter by giving any employee access to the company's collective knowledge.
  • Infuse equipment and devices with deep domain knowledge and sensory input such as sound, images, videos and text.
  • Give equipment and devices the power to reason and learn, and the ability to interact naturally with people.

  • Join the movement to use IoT for green initiatives that benefit the bottom line.
  • Reduce energy and water consumption, eliminate waste across the supply chain, and optimize asset utilization.
  • Cut costs while reducing CO2 emissions and enhancing your brand image.

The Internet of Things becomes the Internet that thinks

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Overcome the challenges of the Internet of Things so you can capitalize on its potential

IoT is vast, diverse—and constantly changing. IoT data from billions of interactions between devices and people is not only massive, it is complex and variable. Predefined programs aren't up to the task of analyzing it and traditional systems can't take advantage of unstructured IoT data, like weather and social.

A cognitive IoT can make sense of all types of data. In fact, it can choose its own data sources and decide which patterns and relationships to pay attention to. It uses machine learning and advanced processing to organize the data and generate insights. A cognitive IoT can also evolve and improve on its own through learned self-correction and adaptation.

Watson IoT solutions for you

The Watson IoT portfolio enables organizations to do everything from connecting devices and building IoT apps, to solving specific business problems, to transforming their companies and industries.


IoT—makers, software engineers, developers, and data scientists

Securely connect and manage devices, analyze data, and apply cognitive services.


Line of business leaders—in operations, real estate, and engineering

Apply cognitive insights from IoT data to assets and facilities management.

A suite of cross-industry applications and solutions


CEOs and other C-level executives

Create new business models, tap into new revenue sources, and disrupt competition.

A range of industry-specific solutions and customized offerings

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