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Supply Chain Leader—Pharmaceutical

Are you prepared for unexpected disruptions to your pharmaceutical supply chain?

If vaccines arrive degraded, there’s often not another batch available. As a Supply Chain Leader overseeing the distribution of critical medicines and vaccines, encountering potential delivery delays within your own supply chain can impact whether or not patients receive life-saving drugs or vaccines. You face the dual challenge of ensuring on-time delivery, but also preserving the integrity of the drugs delivered.


Plan for unexpected drug supply disruptions

25% of vaccines reach their destination degraded because of incorrect shipping. When it comes to life-saving medications and vaccines, supply chain disruptions are more than just an inconvenience. Pharmaceutical companies have to see disruptions coming, and plan for them accordingly, while maintaining their efficacy and integrity.1

1 International Air Transport Association (IATA)


Increase drug supply chain traceability

Steady availability of critical medications and vaccines spans a complex, global pharmaceutical supply chain. IBM supply chain technology solutions can help provide organizations with the visibility and trust that are crucial to ensuring patients get the medications they need when they need them—even when disruptions threaten their availability.

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Safeguard life-saving medications with blockchain

See how Sonoco and IBM use blockchain to enable the efficacy of medications.

Network performance analytics on screen
Network performance analytics on screen

Blockchain Interoperability Pilot Report

Learn how IBM and other organizations work with the FDA to address the challenges of the pharmaceutical supply chain.

Hands holding tablet screen showing warehouse
Hands holding tablet screen showing warehouse

IBM Blockchain Transparent Supply

Achieve better pharmaceutical supply chain visibility, speed, and coordination through blockchain, and build a data-sharing ecosystem with trusted supply chain partners.

Deliver life-saving vaccines on time

IBM Blockchain capabilities can provide visibility across the pharmaceutical supply chain to help Supply Chain Leaders and their staff gain transparency and optimize in near-real time. This can help reduce stock-outs so that vaccines arrive to providers and pharmacies in a timely manner while maintaining visibility.

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