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Operations Leader—Provider

How can you streamline and optimize healthcare and life sciences asset and facilities management?

The issue isn’t the data. It’s about having access to the right data at the right time and making it actionable. As an Operations Leader at a large private clinic, space planning and optimization throughout the facility, as well as coordinating medical equipment maintenance, are an integral part of the job. And finding ways to expand and improve asset and facilities management while minimizing downtime to equipment and other assets is an ongoing challenge. But it’s about more than just the facility. What you do potentially impacts the effectiveness of the staff, as well as affecting the comfort, wellbeing, and care of the patients. Limiting disruptions to them is critical.


Efficiently optimize and maintain assets for clinics, hospitals, and life sciences

Efficient space planning was high on every organization’s agenda when social distancing became the norm. But the advantages of workspace management reach far beyond crisis situations, affecting everything from workplace experience for patients, providers, and payers, to ongoing costs. Similarly, the maintenance of critical assets and equipment within the facility can present Operations Leaders with seemingly insurmountable challenges.


Insights and visibility for safety and operational efficiency

Operational and maintenance efficiency are always critical to healthcare and life sciences, but never more so than in today’s evolving landscape. IBM asset management and facilities management solutions offer intelligent, integrated, insight-driven platforms that help reduce costs. These solutions deliver the end-to-end visibility needed for modern facilities management and predictive maintenance of critical assets that reduce downtime and can provide peace of mind for patients, practitioners, and staff.

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Prescription for Better Healthcare

A large healthcare provider created a solution that reimagined the patient experience.

Closeup of person’s blood pressure being taken
Closeup of person’s blood pressure being taken

IBM Maximo Application Suite

Respond quickly to maintenance requests to support high-quality patient care.

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Office employee at desk


Apply data and AI to react rapidly to change and opportunity.

Medical equipment asset and facilities management made easier

IBM asset management and facilities management technology solutions can enable Operations Leaders to create dynamic space plans that help their hospitals, clinics, and offices accommodate the needs of their operations and employees and reduce the cost of facility-related projects. By monitoring critical medical equipment, Operations Leaders can anticipate potential failure and establish predictive maintenance schedules to minimize downtime. The ability to perform the right maintenance at the right time can create a safer, more efficient workplace and better experience for staff and patients.

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