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How can payers and providers keep healthcare data transactions secure and gain transparency into B2B partner relationships?

Protecting healthcare data is more than a regulatory issue. A data breach is also a breach of your members’ and patients’ trust. As an IT Leader at a major health insurance company, it’s not uncommon for you to be tasked with implementing electronic data interchange (EDI) solutions to extend transparency into your partner and supplier relationships to make it easier for customers to acquire coverage and to improve claim processing efficiency. At the same time, you realize that nothing is more important than ensuring that member data and transactions remain secure.


Maintain regulatory compliance, as well as member and patient trust

Managing the complex web of B2B partners and suppliers, from both an integration and collaboration standpoint, has become increasingly challenging. Additionally, in the era of electronic healthcare records, increasing and evolving regulations make protecting patient and member data—when stored and when in transit from facility to facility—a primary concern for both payers and providers. IBM can help healthcare IT Leaders improve information flow and keep the records of patients and members across a healthcare organization secure.


Exchange healthcare data reliably, securely, and at scale

Improving information flow and ensuring that critical transactions and data exchanges are frictionless, compliant, and scalable is crucial to modern healthcare organizations. Proven, highly-secure IBM network solutions, enabled with AI and blockchain, can help simplify and modernize information flow at hospitals, clinics, and payer organizations.

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Businessperson and doctor looking at tablet
Businessperson and doctor looking at tablet

The business value

Modernize, simplify, and secure complex data exchanges and B2B relationships to provide regulatory compliance and drive down costs.

Doctor in scrubs and mask
Doctor in scrubs and mask

IBM Sterling B2B Collaboration

Enabling a frictionless network can help simplify B2B connectivity, collaboration, and decision-making for your healthcare business.

Securely automate healthcare processes and transactions

IBM solutions can help healthcare IT leaders empower their staff by giving them the tools they need to act on healthcare data consistently and with high quality. IBM technology solutions can help automate B2B processes across the entire organization and improve relationships with suppliers and partners– all while enabling governance, adherence to standards and complete visibility for every process, reducing costs and keeping patient and member data safe and secure.

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