People spend 87% of their time in buildings.

Yet few understand what goes on behind the scenes. If your business needs help in improving operations around Space Optimization, Lease Accounting, Capital Projects, Energy Management & Maintenance, you've come to the right place. IBM TRIRIGA, world-class building and facilities management tool, can help answer these questions - and many more.

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Space optimization


Optimizing the space in your buildings has far-reaching benefits. Not only does it improve the bottom line but it also enables a productive environment and increases engagement of occupants. Having the ability to understand the space needs of your organization, and act accordingly, is critical to success.


Booking a room shouldn't be the hardest part of a meeting.

Employees spend 1/3 of their day in meetings 1, and most of that time is spent in meeting rooms. These rooms should be easily accessible and not require manual searching or excessive amounts of time to find and reserve.

IBM TRIRIGA helps to eliminate reservation conflicts, optimize availability, and guide room selection for occupants. The ability to see occupancy and usage rates of meeting rooms gives a clear picture of how floors and departments are using their space and where improvements are needed.

Make your seating chart less sedentary.

The optimum placement of people and assets is critical. How can you re-assign where Barry is sitting without digging through a complex spreadsheet?

With self-service, automated, and mobile processes, IBM TRIRIGA dynamically manages workspace reassignments and tracks the location of people, resources and assets. It also automates the capture and allocation of space usage charge-backs to internal departments and third-parties.

You don’t want to feel used, but your building does.

In today's dynamic workplace, nearly 1/3 of building space sits unused 2. It's challenging to understand how your space is being used by simply walking around the building.

IBM TRIRIGA uses blueprints to locate assets (like printers and coffee machines), rooms, and people. It centralizes information about your spaces to more efficiently meet the needs of a distributed workforce 

Different strokes for different folks.

Not all space is created equal. Your marketing team may need open, collaborative spaces while your sales team needs large rooms for customer presentations. How do you understand how to plan your spaces?

IBM TRIRIGA can help track and assess the supply and demand of building space so facilities managers and real estate teams can make important decisions about layout and design. This often includes subtle details like the ratio of desks or cubicles to meeting rooms.

Your conference room is calling. Literally.


Meetings are fluid. Sometimes they get canceled or end early. How often do you update your room reservations when plans change? If you're being honest, the answer is hardly ever.

With a connected building, IoT sensors can detect whether a room or space is occupied or vacant. IBM TRIRIGA will send a notification to your phone asking if the room can be marked as available when a meeting is canceled or ends early. This gives other employees the chance to use that space. 


Energy Management
& Maintenance


One major opportunity for every facility manager is around maintenance and energy management. You cannot completely avoid maintenance and repairs - but you can do a better job of getting in front of them. By better understanding the condition of your buildings, the assets within, and energy usage, you can optimize repairs and maintenance projects accordingly.


Don't let maintenance fall through the cracks.

When an unexpected maintenance issue happens it's important to fix it fast and properly. Building occupants and facilities managers should be able to request a work order and know that i'ts being managed by approved vendors that are in compliance with contract terms.

IBM TRIRIGA facilitates speedy service assignment to the right vendors. It automates dispatch to execute quickly and ensures adherence to contract terms by referencing SLA agreements. 

Your facility assets should live to a ripe old age.

Strong preventive maintenance and regular check-ups on assets extend their life span. This cuts capital costs and minimizes the hassle of things being "Out of Order".

Wih IBM TRIRIGA, regular maintenance schedules are monitored and work orders automatically issued in accordance with SLAs and warranties. This reduces costs associated with repairs and extends the life of facility assets.

Energy tracking for a healthier building.


If the energy efficiency of commercial and industrial buildings in the United States alone improved by 10% the collected savings would be $20 billion! 4 Tracking utility use for things like heat and water helps uncover peak usage and where to focus conservation efforts.

IBM TRIRIGA provides a dashboard view of vital information such as monthly peak electric demand and energy usage. Scoreboards can be tailored by user or by tasks. Data filters can also be used to display a wide variety of graphs that visualize energy consumption and other trends to support sound decision-making.


Read the palm of your building.

When you manage several buildings, it is hard to predict imminent energy issues.

IBM TRIRIGA captures the data you need to better understand the uniqueness of each building in your enterprise. TRIRIGA also integrates seamlessly with augmented intelligence (AI) solutions, like IBM IoT Building Insights, to diagnose and predict unusual energy consumption and provide a comprehensive view of all your facilities.

Maintenance on the go.

The workforce has gone mobile. Service technicians must be able to access and update work order information from anywhere, at any time.

With IBM TRIRIGA, service technicians have easy access to work tasks. They can review task details, view maps, get directions to work locations, scan bar codes, and upload photos. If technicians notice more work that needs to be done while on-site they can quickly create additional work tasks within the app.

Lease accounting


The devil is in the details when it comes to managing your leases. There is little room for error and no time for methods that don't work. TRIRIGA has helped hundreds of businesses conform to the new lease accounting standards, ensure accurate financial reporting, and adhere to lease requirements.


Making decisions that make sense.


Decisions about your properties don't just affect the insides of your buildings. They also impact the inside of your bank account. Organizing the chaos of records, data, and financials is a critical part of facilities management.

IBM TRIRIGA is a comprehensive and easily configurable system that helps organizations streamline and automate their lease accounting processes—from the initial data import to ongoing audit and compliance reporting.


Did you put it on the books?

Changes in lease accounting standards aren't something to take lightly. New regulations have far-reaching implications of your business and whether or not it's compliant. You need the ability to book your leases accurately and with clarity.

Lease with confidence: The IBM TRIRIGA development team considered guidance from industry leaders, Big 4 accounting firms, financial experts, and real estate providers to fully understand how to develop a solution that adheres to the new standards and gives you needed visibility into your financials.

It's time to work together.


Your financial system is your system of record - discrepancies simply aren't acceptable. Tight integration between your operating systems and financial systems is vital to maintaining accuracy for financial reporting.

IBM TRIRIGA acts as the sub-ledger and submits information to the ERP/corporate ledger. This generates requirements for financial reporting to ensure nothing is missed and everything can be traced.


Separation anxiety is a thing of the past.


It's important to maintain the needed separation between financial accounting and lease administration. Each serves an important purpose but requires different levels of access and information.

IBM TRIRIGA provides a pre-configured solution that allows both lease administration and finance teams to carry out their jobs effectively. This includes a blend of accounting controls that ensure effective compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX).


Stay on top of the details


How do you know if you are in adherence to all of your leases and your occupants are adhering to yours? Different service-level agreements (SLA's) create different requirements for management of resources and services. It's a lot to keep up with.

IBM TRIRIGA's lease administration capability streamlines lease renewals and avoids overpayments. This helps to reduce costs and increase the effectiveness of lease administration through automated tracking, dates notifications, and invoice validation against contract terms.


Capital Projects


Capital projects have many moving pieces. Identifying priorities, planning, securing budget, selecting vendors, and managing contracts are just a few of the outcomes that must be achieved. Doing all of this manually becomes an overload of paperwork and confusion. TRIRIGA offers a better way.


So many projects, so little time.


Different parts of a building have different lifecycles. Roofs, floors and parking lots need to be replaced at varying intervals. Without the right solution it's difficult - and expensive - to track and plan across many different maintenance timelines

IBM TRIRIGA helps define maintenance cycles. By assessing your asset portfolio, TRIRIGA can forecast timelines and prioritize improvements based on their risk factors. Business cases for new projects become clear when you can easily see risk/benefit ratios and the capital investments that are needed.


Is your building having a mid-life crisis?

Nearly 50% of all buildings are considered middle-aged 3, or constructed before 1980. As maintenance projects increase, the improvements must be balanced against scheduling, resources and timed around when the building is in use.

IBM TRIRIGA helps identify high return projects, reduces schedule overruns, and streamlines cost accounting processes.

Construct your project planning like you would your building.

Mistakes that stem from poor project management are avoidable. But keeping a close eye on projects to make sure they are on time and within budget is challenging when you don't have the right tools.

IBM TRIRIGA features critical-path dependencies that predict downstream impact of upstream schedule changes. This focuses resources to deliver programs and projects on-time. 

Show me the money.

Oftentimes budgets for capital projects comes from more than one source. Each source may require that their part of the funding goes towards a specific project.

IBM TRIRIGA makes it easy to document, match, and allocate funds to the projects they are earmarked to support. This makes auditing simple and ensures funds are being used in the way they were intended. Reports can be downloaded for easy sharing. 

Pick me! Pick me!


Choosing the right vendor for a project can be stressful and time-consuming. When working with potentially hundreds or thousands of vendors, the ability to stay organized and communicate quickly is crucial.

IBM TRIRIGA organizes vendor information and proposals and provides a response mechanism to ensure timely communication through the selection process.

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