Change the game with IoT


Use IoT data from wearables, equipment and sports venues to transform training and the fan experience.

Change the game with IoT

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A competitive edge for USA Cycling: We cannot overestimate the impact that delivering data in a very, very potent time frame so that the riders have maximum takeaway after each effort.*

* Andy Sparks, Director of Track Programs, USA Cycling

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The competitive edge is now data and cognitive computing.

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How can IoT revolutionize training, team, coaching and performance in sports?

Transform your sport, reach performance goals and fuel your fans’ enthusiasm, while optimizing venue operations. All this is within your grasp with the Internet of Things and cognitive computing.

Train with IBM Watson IoT™ and outthink your competition. Start winning now.

With Watson IoT, you can:

Play like a pro by leveraging real-time insights.

Predict team dynamics and financial outcomes with advanced analytics.

Create the ultimate fan experience.

Optimize venue operations to increase ROI.

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