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Reap the benefits of Industry 4.0

The next era of manufacturing demands cognitive solutions that infuse intelligence into all processes to find insights from the smart factory floor to the finished product. Cognitive computing is transforming manufacturing, using factory IoT data to create a detailed view of production, asset health and quality.

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Industry 4.0 applications enabled by the IoT are expected to create a new surge of factory productivity, creating value up to USD 3.7 trillion per year in 2025.*

* McKinsey Global Institute “The Internet of Things: Mapping the Value beyond the Hype”

Combine IBM Watson IoT™ Platform and wearable devices to create an innovative approach to help organizations prevent accidents and keep employees safer.

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Are your manufacturing facilities ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

Conventional manufacturing is undergoing a radical transformation. Important driving factors such as ubiquitous, cheap connectivity and instrumentation from machines on the shop floor to the finished product, are creating a surge in the amount of data from all sources.

Watson IoT helps you better understand the human element in your data to make real-time, contextually-driven decisions that pave the way for entirely new manufacturing models in factories.

With Watson IoT, you can:

Make manufacturing assets and equipment more intelligent to improve reliability and reduce downtime.

Use cognitive analytics to deliver closed-loop, data-driven process improvements that enhance quality and productivity.

Optimize production resources by keeping production line workers safe, enhancing the expertise of your entire workforce and minimizing energy consumption.

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