Analyze operational attributes that impact process and product quality.

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Detailed, accurate and timely insight for quality control, manufacturing and warranty management personnel.

Analytics and cognitive capabilities help identify potential quality problems earlier and more definitively than traditional statistical process control methods and manual inspection processes to help improve manufacturing yield and reduce overall warranty costs.

Cognitive processes and operations

Apply the benefits of algorithms and machine learning specifically tailored to the needs of quality, operations and warranty to help improve yield, increase throughput and identify sources of warranty problems.

Product and process quality

Identify quality problems earlier and more definitively.

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IBM Prescriptive Quality

A SaaS solution that provides early and more definitive detection of quality issues compared to traditional statistical process control (SPC) methods. The solution provides credible, actionable alerts, directing focus on only those issues that matter, and preventing subtle ─ but real ─ problems from going undetected or being ignored.

Inspection processes

Improve accuracy of inspections while reducing costs.

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IBM Visual Inspection for Quality

Employ cognitive capabilities to review and analyze parts, components and products, and identify defects by matching patterns to images of defects previously analyzed and classified. Deployment through edge computing on the factory floor enables rapid image capture, analysis and consistent identification of manufacturing defects.

Warranty management

Identify sources of nascent warranty problems.

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IBM Prescriptive Warranty

A SaaS solution that provides early warning signals of accelerated wear and replacement for a part, with minimal false alarms. The solution monitors variations in product wear and replacement rates according to product manufacturing, production component and sale dates.

Client success

Identifies failure pattern and predicts outcomes, reducing waste, operating more efficiently and boosting profits.

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