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Gaining a competitive edge with IoT for Electronics

As billions of devices are added to the Internet of Things, companies need a way to gain unique insights from their IoT data.

IoT for Electronics enables companies to uncover new data-driven insights that can transform their business models, create new customer experiences, increase operational efficiency and improve environmental stewardship.

IoT for Electronics

Work in new ways and with new industry partners to exploit emerging opportunities and create next-generation connected products.

Control and analyze connected electronics

Support user and device registration, as well as notifications.

IoT for Electronics Starter

Ingest device data and transform that data into meaningful insights – which can optimize processes and guide new product design.

Enhance product development

Utilize a continuous engineering approach to support the development of high quality electronics.

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Integrate with IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation

Combine IoT for Electronics with continuous engineering solutions for enhanced outcomes.

Be the first to market new offerings that take advantage of IoT connectivity, and leverage advanced analytics to understand customer behavior to open up new revenue streams.

Improve your supply chain and asset performance

Gain visibility so you can produce the right product at the right time.

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Integrate with IBM Enterprise Asset Management

IoT for Electronics provides device data for your enterprise asset management system, helping you optimize existing processes and create new, enhanced processes to lower costs.

Connected assets, equipment and products can lead to better supply chain orchestration and asset performance while cognitive analytics improve visibility and provide real-time insights.

Client success

Provides more personalized service to customers using cognitive analytics and IoT.

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IBM IoT for Electronics

IoT for Electronics ingests device data and transforms that data into meaningful insights – which can optimize processes and guide new product design.

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