Electronics are more connected than ever before, spanning new industries, connecting new customers, and reaching new markets.

As a result, long-standing business models must transform, and find new ways to infuse intelligence into products, services and processes.

Transform your business with connected electronic devices

The electronics industry is primed to disrupt long-standing business models by infusing intelligence into devices and connecting them to virtually everything─from refrigerators, televisions and coffee machines to manufacturing equipment, aircraft engines and implantable medical devices.


Scalable solutions that bring a competitive advantage to business and unprecedented opportunities for consumers.

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Core products

IoT for Electronics Starter

Get started with IoT for Electronics quickly – connect, control and manage devices (real or simulated) in just minutes.

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IBM IoT for Electronics

An integrated end-to-end solution that lets you connect, communicate with, control, analyze, and update your connected devices.

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IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation

Capture, trace, analyze and manage changes to information while maintaining compliance to regulations and standards, and improve management of project scope and cost.

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IBM IoT Continuous Engineering

Create high quality, smart, and innovative connected products with integrated, collaborative systems and software engineering tools.

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