Extend the power of cognitive computing to connected cars. Discover how to acquire data from sensors and systems to improve the in-vehicle experience and develop cars that care.

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A smarter way to drive

Today's cars are moving data centers with onboard sensors and computers that capture information about the vehicle that can be accessed in real time.

IBM IoT for Automotive extends the power of cognitive computing to connected vehicles, acquiring data from sensors and systems to improve the in-car experience.

IoT for Automotive

An industry solution for connected vehicles that collects, analyzes, stores and takes action on vehicle sensor data. IoT for Automotive is a vehicle-to-cloud offering that enables awareness of the environment beyond the car and helps use information to establish a relationship with the driver, not just the vehicle.

Working in real time

Can the driving experience be optimized without real-time information and insights?

Real-time feedback and optimization for drivers and fleet operators

Connected vehicles offer high-speed, in-memory computing to enable real-time feedback to drivers so they can improve their performance.

Understanding its occupants

As drivers are 10 times more likely to get into an accident when distracted by their emotions, shouldn’t your car know how you’re feeling?

Understanding the driver and occupants to help them in their cars

Connected vehicles can detect driver behavior patterns from drifting, braking and accelerations that indicate potential danger. This data can be coupled with data directly from the people inside the vehicle, which can be interpreted to enable vehicles to make adjustments that help keep you safer.

Connecting to engineers

As technology lifecycles get shorter, shouldn’t a vehicle’s capabilities be regularly improved and upgraded?

Connecting engineers to improve vehicles throughout their lifecycle.

Real-time data also provides information to engineers faster than traditional dealer processes. This enables faster issue resolution and less recalls. Drivers will be able to get over-the-air updates regularly to their cars, just as apps and software are updated.

Client success

Panasonic Automotive and IBM Watson push the boundaries of vehicle infotainment systems for tech-savvy and time-crunched travelers with a superior, more relevant, in-vehicle experience.

Panasonic Automotive

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IBM IoT for Automotive

Use cognitive computing to develop connected vehicles. Acquire data from sensors and systems to improve the in-car experience and develop new business models.

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