Learn about the benefits of Mobile Asset Optimization

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Reduce costs for maintenance and repair


Improve inventory levels


Increase asset usage


Reduce rental costs for asset replacements

Fewer than 50% of companies currently track assets, yet logistics is one of the costliest aspects of global trade

IBM® and Vodafone have partnered to create a comprehensive solution to make smarter, data-driven logistics decisions easy and scalable.

Step 1
Fit assets for tracking

Global SIM

Your assets are fitted with a turnkey tracking device provided by Vodafone with a Global SIM embedded to send location and behavior data.

Step 2
Bring data to a secure cloud platform

Near real-time data collection

Data is delivered to the cloud in near real-time for processing without incurring any network or storage related infrastructure costs.

Step 3
Discover insights and make smarter logistics decisions

Smart analytics for better insights

Combined structured and unstructured data and perform analytics powered by IBM and Vodafone to make sense of that data.

Industry use cases

Mobile Asset Optimization can improve operations agility for any company with complex logistics and supply chains.



Improve inventory flow and parts management through better supply chain tracking.


Ensure supply contracts are met for smoother operations and more easily manage the quality of goods by preventing damage, spoilage, and other transportation issues.

Energy and utilities

Track high value assets that are prone to loss or require maintenance, such as generators, pumps, cable drums, and other critical equipment.


Ensure the logistics and delivery of high value equipment that is susceptible to theft and loss.

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