There is disruption afoot. What is your business trying to tell you?

Technology has evolved to make Internet of Things viable for every enterprise. Sensors and their connectivity are cheap and easy to deploy, and analytics have evolved to become cognitive.

Watson IoT helps enterprises make sense of data to optimize operations. Rethink products and services to discover new revenue models. Transform the customer experience. And manage enterprise assets more efficiently. Where are you in your Internet of Things journey?

In light of the Internet of Things


of COOs plan to reevaluate their operating models.*

*IBM Institute for Business Value: Thinking out of the toolbox

Radically redefine business operations and transform customer experiences.

Powerfully enhance operational efficiencies, disrupt professions, businesses and even entire industries.

As the number of connected devices grows from billions to hundreds of billions, the need for a cognitive framework becomes critical. IBM Watson IoT is a cognitive framework that can help you get the most out of IoT to improve enterprise asset management and unlock new value.

By learning from the physical world, Watson IoT helps you rapidly unlock value from the untapped data from devices across your network. And as you do, there will be no limits to what you can achieve.

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