Are you obtaining the greatest value from your assets?

Each asset is part of a complex, dependent ecosystem. But not all assets equally contribute to uptime. Hidden dependencies across assets pose real threats to reliability. Given budget limitations, maintenance resources need to be prioritized based upon the most business-critical assets and a complete understanding of risk. IBM offerings ─ IBM® Maximo®, IBM Predictive Maintenance and Quality, and IBM Watson IoT Platform ─ can generate insights from the Internet of Things to help focus maintenance resources and obtain the greatest value from assets.


Make smarter maintenance decisions using IoT data with Maximo, Predictive Maintenance and Quality, and Watson Analytics to optimize business processes.

Watson IoT Enterprise Asset Management

Comprehensive capabilities ─ on premises or in the cloud

Many maintenance departments don’t have dedicated IT resources or large implementation teams, but need a fast-start platform. Others are multi-site organizations who need standard ways of communicating information. Whatever your reasons, IBM Enterprise Asset Management solutions can help.

Watson IoT Analytics powers IBM predictive asset management solutions

Monitor asset health to optimize maintenance

Understand the status of critical business assets, eliminate downtime and reduce maintenance costs. Maximo Asset Health Insights represents a new way of maintaining equipment — one based not only on current condition-based readings coming from the equipment, but also informed by other influences like age, maintenance history, weather incidents and sub components with their own historical context.

These data sources are analyzed by the Watson IoT Platform which feeds results back to Maximo in the Asset Health Insights work center, providing users an overall assessment and score of asset health.

Predict asset failure

IBM Predictive Maintenance and Quality enables asset-intensive industries to transform maintenance practices. Analytics can be applied to historical and real-time asset performance data, maintenance records, inspection reports and environmental data to correlate performance factors that predict asset degradation or failure. Alerts provide maintenance and production staff with advanced warnings. Recommended actions can be incorporated into work orders to proactively address problems.

Improve quality

IoT data can help manufacturers obtain a detailed and accurate view into production processes. Applying analytics to this data can then be used to monitor process and product quality. IBM Quality Early Warning System algorithms help organizations more confidently detect and prioritize quality issues than using traditional process control techniques to improve production yield, increase throughput and reduce costs associated with poor quality.

Reduce warranty costs

Applying analytics to warranty-related data helps determine where and why warranty-eligible claims occur. IBM Quality Early Warning System algorithms help identify instances of accelerated wear or replacement rates earlier than many conventional statistical methods. Analyzing this data also helps proactively identify and correct supplier problems, address claim trends, recall and service parts before they fail, and reduce warranty claims and overall program costs.

Watson Analytics for Maximo: fast, easy insights from your asset and maintenance data

Business leaders in asset-intensive industries can make better, data-driven decisions with Watson Analytics — an intuitive analytics tool that integrates directly with your Maximo data. Easily bring in your asset or maintenance data from Maximo, explore that information for insights, and display the findings as dashboards or infographics for easy sharing. Watson Analytics is your new data scientist in a box.

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Mobile Asset Optimization

IBM and Vodafone have partnered to create a solution to make smarter, data-driven logistics decisions easy and scalable. Now you can foresee weather impacts on your supply chain, understand asset availability, better predict operational risks, more easily enforce contracts, and optimize the lifecycle of your assets.

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