IoT and cognitive computing are revolutionizing sports.

For teams and athletes, performance data and insights are enabling competitors to realize their full potential. For organizers and venue owners it’s optimizing event experiences, and for fans everywhere it feels like being there ─ wherever they are.

The difference between winning and losing today is fractions of distance and milliseconds of time. Coaches have moved from stop watches and clip boards to live analytics. Data from wearables, equipment and sporting environments is changing the game.

The competitive edge is now data and cognitive computing.

A competitive edge for USA Cycling

“We cannot overestimate the impact that delivering data in a very, very potent time frame so that the riders have maximum takeaway after each effort.”

– Andy Sparks, Director of Track Programs, USA Cycling

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With Watson IoT, you can:

  • Play like a pro with real-time insights.
  • Predict team dynamics and financial outcomes with advanced analytics.
  • Create the ultimate fan experience.
  • Optimize venue operations to increase ROI.

Watson IoT in sports

Enhance performance on and off the playing field and build a competitive advantage with IoT data. Watson IoT can help you:

  • Put power, biometrics and weather insights into athletes’ and coaches’ hands, in real time.
  • Empower athletes with real-time feedback using smart eyewear, audio technologies and other connected devices.
  • Gain instant visibility into athlete fitness, team dynamics and performance.

Understand and manage your team like never before, win more and optimize ROI. IoT can help you:

  • Create player personnel assessments that automatically quantify team dynamics and financial impact.
  • View, organize and surface relevant data to evaluate individual and team performance.
  • Automate evaluations of current roster and potential player changes.

Provide immersive, interactive experiences that turn fans into loyal customers. Watson IoT can help you:

  • Create a 360-degree view of the sports consumer as they interact with owned and third-party content.
  • Integrate structured and unstructured data to create personalized visitor experiences that measure, drive and reward engagement.
  • Gain deeper insights into fan preferences and behaviors to effectively target customers and increase ROI.

Run your venue more efficiently to drive bottom-line profit and top-line revenue. Watson IoT can help you:

  • Make venues more productive, safe and supportive of the enterprise mission.
  • Meet the intensity of fan’s demands with pervasive connectivity in and around the venue.
  • Align facilities to business outcomes with optimized asset performance and reduced operational risk.

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