IoT insights as a service for retail store operations

Honeywell BuildingSense, powered by IBM, provides insights as a service for retail store operations. The solution combines Honeywell’s expertise in building automation and software analytics with the Watson IoT™ Platform, cognitive APIs and facilities management capabilities.

Honeywell BuildingSense powered by IBM

Improve operational performance, maintain the health of equipment and facilities, and prevent disruptions to customer experiences

Energy management

Reduce energy use

Save on energy costs by optimizing resource use within your facilities. Reduce your environmental footprint and improve sustainability.

Food freshness

Maintain product freshness and prevent shrink

Cut down spoilage and reduce food loss. Increase total revenue from perishable inventory. Reduce maintenance costs from unnecessary alarms.

Predictive maintenance

Improve asset uptime and reliability

Manage asset health to prevent failure. Reduce costs associated with unplanned maintenance. Prevent disruption of the customer experience.



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