Improving resource efficiency with the power of the Internet of Things

Whether data is being generated by a large building’s energy management systems or health monitoring devices worn by workers, Watson IoT™ provides the ability to visualize and understand this information in real time. When combined with data from other sources, such as weather conditions, you can generate real insights that enable smarter decision-making.

Smarter resources and optimization

Gain insights that help keep production line workers safe, improve the expertise of your entire workforce and optimize energy consumption.

Worker safety

Improve worker safety and management

A better understanding of your workforce can lead to significant efficiency gains and alerts about hazardous situations can keep your valuable workers and resources out of harm’s way.

Improve worker safety by monitoring health and environment factors with wearable devices and alerting employees and supervisors of issues that need an immediate response. Gain insights into operation processes and adjust as needed for easier compliance with safety guidelines and regulations.

Integrated workstation

Optimize track and trace capabilities

Increase productivity and efficiency using track and trace of manufacturing tools to identify quality issues, skill and workmanship gaps, and provide early warnings related to quality issues. Visualize asset health and predict the life of asset and optimize available usage hours.

Energy management

Reduce energy consumption

Better insight into the energy use of buildings and manufacturing plants can help reduce energy costs and the strain on our environment. Gain a better understanding of your facility’s energy profile and usage to reduce energy costs. Establish a baseline for energy use to identify equipment operation inefficiencies and energy waste in buildings, and resolve energy consumption problems.

Energy management

Client success


North Star BlueScope Steel

Pioneers approaches to boost worker safety in extreme environments that could include toxic gas, open flames and high heat.

Featured product: IBM Tririga

Leverage an integrated workplace management solution and increase the operational, financial and environmental performance of your facilities and real estate.



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