Facilitate optimal availability, reliability and equipment effectiveness

As factories and equipment become instrumented through the IoT, the application of analytics and cognitive to data generated on the factory floor will enable reliability, maintenance and operations personnel to gain more detailed, accurate insight into asset performance.

Intelligent assets and equipment

Improve reliability and performance of manufacturing equipment through better visibility, predictability and operational efficiency.

Overall equipment effectiveness

IBM Plant Performance Analytics

Analyze data generated by instrumented equipment to provide visibility into factors that contribute to lost productivity and negatively impact OEE. Help plant management evaluate future production schedules based upon predicted equipment availability to maximize plant utilization and reduce overtime, scrap and maintenance costs.

Asset reliability and availability

IBM Prescriptive Maintenance

Focus on the needs of reliability engineers by applying machine learning and analytics to operational data to help identify and manage asset reliability risks that can adversely affect plant or business operations. Prescribe actions to take based on predictive scoring and identification of factors that influence asset health to help optimize maintenance schedules and resources.

Enterprise asset management

IBM® Maximo® Enterprise Asset Management

Distill insights from the IoT to help focus maintenance resources, reduce unplanned downtime and increase operational efficiency. Gain near real-time visibility into asset usage, extend the useful life of equipment, improve return on assets and defer new purchases—while unifying processes for wide-ranging enterprise asset management functions across multiple sites.

Client success


Honda R&D

Uses analytics in real-world operations, for cost reduction, operation effectiveness and new value creation.



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