Operate more efficiently using IoT, analytics and cognitive

Operate more efficiently using IoT, analytics and cognitive

Increase throughput and uptime with Watson IoT™. Watson can also help you lower risk by analyzing machines, predicting outages and handling equipment repairs.

Adapt your factory floor in real time to reduce downtime, improve quality and streamline operations.

Aberdeen Group finds 74% of best-in-class firms cite visibility into performance of operations as the leading capability of Industry 4.0


Whether you need to reduce downtime, improve product quality, or streamline asset maintenance, we have the solution for you

Reduce downtime

Use IoT and plant-floor data to predict and prevent equipment failure, improve reliability and reduce downtime. Improve the performance of assets and equipment and lower maintenance costs.

Improve process and product quality

Apply data insights to reduce warranty and inspection costs, while detecting and resolving quality issues much faster

Integrate your enterprise asset management with the IoT

Extend the useful life of equipment and assets with insights from the IoT. Improve labor utilization, reduce inventory and find the optimum balance between maintenance and operations.

Asset performance mangement

IBM offers a suite of purpose-built solutions that use powerful analytics and deep industry expertise to help you monitor asset health and optimize asset performance.

Learn how manufacturers have adopted IoT technologies

Schaeffler embraces Industry 4.0 and puts their IoT data to work

Schaeffler envisions a world where even the humble ball bearing has built-in intelligence and sensory capabilities, using cognitive intelligence from IBM Watson

IoT is fundamentally changing the way manufacturers create value

Learn how leading manufacturers have adopted IoT technologies

Client success


North Star Bluescope Steel

Uses IoT data to boost worker safety in extreme environments that could include toxic gas, open flames and high heat

Photizo Group

Enables clients to deliver cartridge replacements just when their customers need them, helping to reduce waste, operate more efficiently and boost profits


Increases productivity by improving the reliability of its equipment worldwide

Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Accelerates and automates product inspections with artificial intelligence to increase productivity and cut costs 



The digital overhaul

IBM Institute for Business Value looks at manufacturing in the digital age

Cognition of the factory floor

New IBM® solution helps inspectors accelerate visual inspections to increase production yield

The true value of EAM

How can companies achieve better visibility and control of enterprise assets?

Core products


IBM Plant Performance Analytics

IBM Plant Performance Analytics analyzes data generated by instrumented equipment to provide visibility into factors that contribute to lost productivity

IBM Prescriptive Maintenance on Cloud

Identify and manage asset reliability risks that could adversely affect plant or business operations

IBM Prescriptive Quality on Cloud

Employ prescriptive analytics to improve the quality of manufacturing processes, materials, components and products

IBM Prescriptive Warranty on Cloud

Identify conditions that lead to accelerated wear of products, helping minimize warranty claims and related losses

IBM Visual Inspection for Quality

IBM Visual Inspection for Quality helps identify and manage product defects through cognitive visual inspection to reduce manufacturing labor costs and improve process throughput and product quality