The Intelligent Workplace with Watson

The Intelligent Workplace with Watson helps reduce lost productivity in employee meetings – whether remote or in person – by making it easy for employees to capture and share actions and meeting context, creating better engagement and world-class cognitive collaboration.

The Intelligent Workplace

Cognitive capabilities, natural language and translation support, integrated telephony and connectivity to help create collaborative workplaces across the world.

Improve meeting effectiveness and global collaboration

You can log attendance, track agenda items, capture minutes and create action items automatically.

Use voice command to control the interactive whiteboard and the flow of shared content.

Connect meeting participants in online team rooms and translate audio into different languages, providing real-time, close-captioned text on the networked whiteboard, facilitating multi-language, global collaboration.

Streamline meeting management

Utilize web conferencing from within the whiteboard. Convert voice commands into follow up actions for attendees.

The whiteboard can transcribe spoken language to create and send communications. It can also capture audio commands from the meeting for follow up.

Capture and share data and information

The whiteboards record and transcribe the audio and visual elements of meetings automatically.

These elements can be captured and shared across across the enterprise. Significantly, the data can be analyzed using Watson IoT integration to deliver additional insights.

Calling all developers. Explore the capabilities of the IBM Watson IoT Platform and see how easy it is to get started.

Featured product

Watson Natural Language Processing

Automatically link words to the user’s meaning and intent, and correlate with other sources of data to put interactions into context of specific solutions.

Natural Language Classifier

Interpret and classify natural language with confidence.

Speech to Text

Bridge the gap between the spoken word and its written form.

Text to Speech

Generate natural-sounding speech from text.

Language Translator

Translates text from one language to another.


Automate interactions with users using a natural language interface.

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