Transform your business with connected electronic devices

The electronics industry is primed to disrupt long-standing business models by infusing intelligence into devices and connecting them to virtually everything─from refrigerators and coffee machines to manufacturing equipment and implantable medical devices.


Scalable solutions that bring a competitive advantage to business and unprecedented opportunities for consumers.

IoT for Electronics

Onboard and manage millions of IoT devices easily and securely to gain insights to improve the customer experience and enable new business models.

The Intelligent Workplace with Watson

Watson’s voice and machine learning technologies enhance interaction between people and their workplaces by instilling intelligence into objects.

Improve your process and product quality

Apply data insights to reduce warranty and inspection costs, while detecting and resolving quality issues much faster.

See how electronics companies have adopted IoT technologies

An in-room, interactive concierge to simplify your life

Cognitive, voice-enabled hospitals, hotels and conference rooms by IBM Watson and HARMAN.

WIRED examines the integration of IoT into all aspects of our lives

What do fitness bands and refrigerators have in common? Both occupy digital niches, provide information and enrich our lives.

Client success



With Watson IoT Platform, connected home appliances see a 70% decrease in customer service time and up to 50% reduction in projected service costs.

TP Vision

Brings new services and content to the home using the Internet of Things.

Chamberlain Group

Drives customer demand with a secure, reliable IoT solution.

Core products


IoT for Electronics Starter

An integrated end-to-end solution (made of multiple services and apps) that enables your apps to communicate with, control, analyze, and update connected electronics.

IBM IoT for Electronics

As part of the IoT for Electronics Starter, it is preconfigured with other services to reduce time to market. You can also deploy it separately with an existing instance of Watson IoT Platform.

10% discount available

IBM® Rational® DOORS® Next Generation

Strategic requirements management solution focuses on development lifecycle collaboration to achieve consensus and visibility. Available onsite and on-cloud.

IBM IoT Continuous Engineering

Engineering solutions that deliver capabilities to help engineers build the smart, connected IoT products that support business transformation.



IBV Study: The Business of Things

Deliver compelling new experiences using the Internet of Things.

IBV Study: The Economy of Things

Extracting new value from the Internet of Things.


ebook: Agile Product Development for Dummies

Learn how agile product development can help you tackle the challenges of creating complex, connected products for IoT.