Transform your products and service models through connected cars

More than 60 percent of auto executives are ready to adopt cognitive IoT for innovations such as self-driving vehicles, electric cars and mobility experiences, according to the IBM Institute for Business Value report, “The cognitive effect on automotive.”


Full lifecycle IoT solutions for the automotive industry, from smart product development and connected manufacturing, to new service models, enhancing the customer experience.

Connected vehicles

Linking drivers and cars to the surrounding environment to improve the mobility experience.

Continuous engineering for automotive

Solutions for automotive manufacturers and OEMs, Tier-1 or Tier-2 suppliers and system integrators.

Reduce downtime

Use IoT and plant-floor data to predict and prevent equipment failure, improve reliability and reduce downtime. Improve the performance of assets and equipment and lower maintenance costs.

Improve your process and product quality

Apply analytic and cognitive capabilities to reduce warranty, inspection and quality costs, while monitoring product wear and replacement rates.

Learn how automotive companies have adopted IoT technologies

Driven to succeed

TU-Automotive names Local Motors and IBM winners in Best Auto Mobility category for Olli, the first self-driving cognitive vehicle

BMW sends a research team to IBM’s Watson IoT headquarters

Working together, IBM and BMW aim to infuse cognitive intelligence into BMW i8 vehicles

Mahindra Mahindra

“IBM is helping us gear up to meet the challenges of an auto industry undergoing tremendous change. By establishing traceability from requirements to source code to test artifacts to defects, we have gained a very robust and transparent development process that helps our product engineering team collaborate more effectively and deliver faster than ever before.”

— Kishore LM
Senior Lead Engineer
Mahindra & Mahindra


Client success


Honda R&D

Improves R&D and operations with new insights from engineering data.

Panasonic Automotive

Speeds development and improves flexibility and quality.

Jaguar Land Rover

Engineers the next generation of in-car infotainment.

TransWiseway Information Technology Co. Ltd.

Collects and analyzes data from millions of connected vehicles in real time to improve safety and decision making.

Core products


IBM IoT for Automotive

Use cognitive computing to connect cars and acquire data from sensors and systems – to improve the in-car experience and develop new business models.

IBM Prescriptive Maintenance on Cloud

Identify and manage asset reliability risks that could adversely affect plant or business operations.

IBM Plant Performance Analytics

IBM Plant Performance Analytics analyzes data generated by instrumented equipment to provide visibility into factors that contribute to lost productivity.

IBM® Rational Team Concert™

Improve predictability and agility with one tool to collaborate across teams, manage code, run standups, plan sprints and track progress.

IBM Maximo

Leverage the power of IBM® Maximo® – on premises or in the cloud – to streamline maintenance and extend the lifecycle of your assets.

IBM Prescriptive Quality on Cloud

Employ prescriptive analytics to improve the quality of manufacturing processes, materials, components and products.

IBM Prescriptive Warranty on Cloud

Identify conditions that lead to accelerated wear of products, helping minimize warranty claims and related losses.



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