Systems engineering

Continuous engineering in the age of IoT. Overcome the complexity of connecting requirements, design, development and deployment for an IoT-enabled, software-driven world.

Speeding innovation and solution deployment

Speeding innovation and solution deployment

Invensys Rail Dimetronic

Invensys Rail Dimetronic needed to improve its competitiveness and reduce time-to-market for its solutions. IBM connected engineering solutions were used to automate code generation and speed response to frequent changes in traffic signal requirements.

Enterprise asset management (EAM)

Manage your assets, reducing maintenance costs and boosting lifetime. Optimize your assets, improving performance and reducing downtime, and upgrade your operations with AI-assisted optimization.

Using asset management to achieve better business outcomes

Using asset management to achieve better business outcomes


The largest railroad in the eastern United States with more than 5,000 facilities and 21,000 route miles. By using IBM's enterprise asset management solutions for inventory, service requests and work orders, CSX is able to manage its equipment, reducing downtime and disruption of service.

Connectivity and IoT

Transform your connected customers' experience by delivering new in-vehicle products and services. Use IoT and vehicle connectivity for fleet and insurance, workplace safety, real-time weather insights and more.

French railways operator accelerates innovation



SNCF is using IBM Watson IoT™ to deliver superior customer experiences, heightened operational efficiency and enhanced rail safety for its 13.5 million daily passengers. With Watson IoT Platform gathering insights from real-time information on data, SNCF improves the quality, security and availability of its trains.

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